Introduce SuperGeo New Reseller in Indonesia

We are very pleased to announce our new reseller in Indonesia, PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa, who will work with us in large project services.

Located in Tangerang (a big industrial city close to Jakarta), PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa has very good relationship with the local government sectors, the military, and universities.

PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa has been looking for full function GIS software at reasonable pricing. After evaluating the functionality, costs, and support of SuperGIS products, PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa is confident in the distribution of SuperGIS software, especially in big GIS projects and Lab Kits in universities.

In fact, SuperGeo has won a big tender in Indonesia by using SuperPad under the assistance from PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa. Therefore, we believe the further partnership will bring fruitful result for both of us.

SuperGeo currently has 2 resellers in Indonesia, Datascrip PT and PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa.

For more information resellers of SuperGeo, please visit www.supergeotek.com or contact staff@supergeotek.com.


Happy New Year!

It’s now approaching the end of 2010. SuperGeo Team would like to express our special and sincere thanks to you for your kindest support. We have expanded much in our global network in 2010.

In the coming year, we will devote ourselves even better to the research and development of SuperGIS Series Software.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Look forward to bringing the best products and services to you!


Introduce SuperGeo Reseller in Belarus- Geoportal LLC

SuperGeo is thrilled to share with you that we newly recruited a new reseller, Geoportal LLC in Belarus. Geoportal LLC will distribute SuperGIS series software in Belarus and the neighbor CIS countries.

Located in Minsk, Belarus, Geoportal LLC provides field survey PDA, Total Stations, GPS controllers, etc. for local users. Since the clients have strong demand for full function mobile GIS software at a reasonable price, Geoportal LLC was pleased to find SuperGeo.

After evaluating the functionality and speed of SuperPad and other SuperGIS products, Geoportal LLC thinks that SuperGIS software is capable enough and therefore hopes to distribute SuperGIS series software in Belarus as well as the neighbor CIS countries.

In order to better serve the users who speak Russian, SuperGeo RD team has issued the Russian interface of its mobile GIS applications, including SuperPad (full function mobile GIS), SuperField (light-weight mobile GIS), and SuperGIS Mobile Engine (powerful mobile GIS SDK). The next inclusion would be in SuperGIS Desktop.

We are now seeking for more partners and distributors. Please contact staff@supergeotek.com.

More info of Geoportal LLC, go to http://geoportal.by/

For more information of SuperGeo, please visit www.supergeotek.com


SuperGeo Mobile GIS Applications Support Russian and Arabic NOW

SuperGeo RD team is excited to announce that our mobile GIS software products, SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3, now support two more languages, Russian and Arabic.

SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3 are respectively the full-function mobile GIS software and lightweight mobile GIS software of SuperGIS 3 series products. Both of them integrate mapping, GIS, and GPS technologies to the handheld device environment.

In addition to Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Turkish, SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3 now also support Russian and Arabic languages. Consequently, the field surveyors who are Russian or Arabic speakers can manipulate the software with the language they are familiar with. Numerous mobile GIS users can thus enjoy easier and more convenient operation environment in the field.

To experience the multilingual support in SuperPad 3 and SuperField, please visit www.supergeotek.com to download the free trial.


SuperPad 3 Connects Various Types of GIS Services

We are excited to share with you that SuperPad 3 supports to connect numerous types of GIS services.

SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software, is able to help surveyors who need professional GIS tools rapidly and effectively collect, edit, and measure the spatial data in the field.

The built-in “Data Services Toolbar Extension” enables SuperPad users to access WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service) services conforming OGC standards via the Internet. Surveyors can easily overlay the services on the map, and tthe services are useful references for data analysis and editing.

SuperPad 3 also provides the solution for connecting with SuperGIS Server. So surveyors will be able to utilize the Internet connection device in PDA or handheld devices to log in SuperGIS Server and access the map services and feature services published by SuperGIS Server.

In the mean time, users can directly navigate and edit the data in SuperPad 3. Therefore, you no longer need to carry large quantities of complicated map data when they survey or process field tasks outdoors.

In addiition, the support for GPS, laser rangefinders, and digital cameras add accuracy and informativeness to the collected data. Your field efficiency and productivity will be improved significantly at a low cost.

To experience the powerful functionality of SuperPad 3, please visit www.supergeotek.com to download the FREE trial.

SuperPad 3 gives you…

- Powerful editing functions & GPS support
- Perfect synchronization with enterprise server
- Flexible developing environment
- Various customized Extensions
- Multilingual interface support
- Quick Project function