Complete Geoprocessing Service Support in SuperGIS Server 3.1a Advanced Edition

SuperGIS Server 3.1a Advanced edition supports complete Geoprocessing Services, assisting enterprises in publishing analysis services to the front-end applications.

SuperGIS Server 3.1a is the professional server GIS software designed to enable enterprises to create, manage, integrate, and publish various types of GIS services. Therefore, spatial data, imagery, and GIS functions can be applied as GIS services in desktop, mobile, and web applications over the Internet to help organizations build ideal workflow, as well as improve decision-making and operational productivity.

With comprehensive analysis functions, SuperGIS Server 3.1a Advanced edition not only allows organizations to easily publish Geoprocessing services using but also front-end users to analyze the spatial data through internet browsers. Besides, SuperGIS Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, 3D Analyst, and Spatial Statistic Analyst are also available to perform in-depth analyses.

Supergeo provides two demonstration videos, Design Clip Service and Publish Clip Service, which aim to guide users on how to effectively prepare data, customize websites and publish Geoprocessing services.

Watch demonstration videos by visiting SupergeoTV: http://www.youtube.com/supergeotv

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Introducing Android-powered SuperSurv 3.1a for Enhanced Data Collection

SuperSurv 3.1a Beta, the mobile GIS application for Android devices, is now available for improving data collection and filed operations.

SuperSurv 3.1 enables surveyors to overlay layers in their tablets or smart devices to effortlessly collect surveyed data using GPS and waypoint guidance tools. The mobile GIS software supports global coordinate system settings, helping users save the collected data of point, line and polygon in SHP, GEO or KML formats for further application use.

Primarily leveraging the connection of SuperGIS Server 3.1a, SuperSurv 3.1a allows to access the server services and to edit feature service online for seamless data synchronization. In addition, the Online Map Tool supports to apply online map sources like OpenStreetMap and Google Maps as reference basemap for efficient field surveys.

To efficiently display the attribute data in multi-languages in other GIS applications, the code page settings will also be added into “Creating a New Layer.”

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Localized GIS Field Survey Application for Agriculture Planning and Development

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources in Southeast Asia. Its agricultural production is the key to the economy of Indonesia which contributes 15% to the GDP, and the farm labor accounts for up to 43% of total employment. To facilitate the sustainable agricultural development, Indonesia government has invested more than 7 million US dollars annually in launching diverse grant-in-aid projects.

With the mission of establishing and operating policies in agriculture fields,  Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia (MoA) is responsible for developing a fair trading system in agricultural commodities and enhancing agriculture production through providing agriculturists with proper funding, seeds, insecticide, etc.

To obtain and manage spatial information of each farmland correctly, MoA developed an Agriculture Field Survey System with SuperGIS mapping solutions that are available in mobile devices, desktop, and server applications to help the MoA personnel maximize field productivity, perform data editing and analysis, as well as integrate and share the latest spatial data and GIS services across the sector.

The Agriculture Field Survey System allows MoA to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional paper-and-pencil survey mode, complete data collection of crop types and conditions, and perform precise measurement of farmland size in each district. As a result, the agency could effectively manage the farmlands and crops, reduce cost of unnecessary waste of resources, and formulate feasible funding and agricultural development plans with accurate and up-to-date data.

In this project, the desktop GIS software customized by SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a helps MoA easily visualize and analyze field data, ensuring that the integrated agricultural data can be updated and managed through enterprise geodatabase. Besides, server GIS also serves as a full-function platform for data synchronization, management, and sharing. Therefore, the cost of data duplication and storage could be significantly reduced.

As for data capture, the Agriculture Field Survey System developed by SuperPad 3.1, the professional mobile GIS, enables surveyors throughout the country to smartly measure farmland areas, add attributes, and take pictures for crops using mobile GIS and GPS tools. It also ensures that newly collected agricultural data can be uploaded and well managed on server, bringing MoA the real situation of fields, corps, and pesticides.

The comprehensive GIS solutions built in SuperGIS software have assisted Indonesian government, like MoA in making wise decisions on granting funding with scientific methods, as well as promoting the efficiency in developing subsidy policies to improve the national agricultural development.

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Supergeo to Release Mobile Survey Software for iOS

We are glad to announce that SuperSurv for iOS will be released in Q4 2013. The mobile GIS software allows users to easily collect and report collected field data and attribute data via iOS devices.

The mobile mapping applications including SuperPad 3.1 for Windows Mobile and SuperSurv 3.1 for Android are available to help surveyors accomplish field tasks such as map display, map layer queries, and accurate measurement with integrated GIS and GPS functions.  

In addition to offering the offline mobile editing function to increase offline editing capabilities for GEO and SHP files, the mobile GIS software also enhances access to the map services published by SuperGIS Server 3.1a through Internet connection, helping organization make better decisions about land management, irrigation ditch management, street light management, etc.

To extend the reach of GIS to a wider audience who uses Apple devices, Supergeo plans to release SuperSurv for iOS that supports global coordinate system, GIS tools such as layer management, overlay, query, and measurement, as well as access to SuperGIS Server services for reducing the costs of data storage and improving field productivity.

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