SuperGeo grows stronger in Asia

After signing the exclusive contract with CERENE in France and Luminous ETS in the whole Indian market, SuperGeo recently recruits 2 new resellers in Asia.

In Singapore, GNX Technologies finds us with great potential in related GIS markets, especially in the higher educational institutes in Singapore. In Korea, iiTc Solution wishes to resell SuperGIS software to defeat current GIS software providers. They sent staff to Taipei for training in order to better understand SuperGeo, better promote SuperGIS.

Both of the companies admire the functionality, capability, and competitive prices of SuperGIS products. Besides, the prompt support and comprehensive services highlight SuperGeo and also become the key to our cooperation.

As the launching of SuperGIS 3 series software, our partners worldwide are more and more confident in representing SuperGeo. Our advantages in products and prices bring more business opportunities for them and profits say everything. So don’t hesitate to contact with us now in case your territory is taken!


◎ New Version of SuperGIS Mobile Tour Now Available

The newly issued SuperGIS Mobile Tour is available since this Wednesday (March 17th 2010).

SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 is a mobile GIS application designed to create an ideal tour guide system. It provides a powerful management application, SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager, for administrators with an easy-to-use interface and simple management procedure, giving you the ability to manage, organize and update the guide content effortlessly. Therefore, you are able to tailor tour guide systems to specific needs in an easy way.

In terms of installation, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 also gives you a simple way to deploy the tour guide system to large quantities of mobile devices rapidly. Now, you can directly save the related map data and configuration file into a SD card or transmit data with a USB cable to greatly save the time for system installation.

For more information of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, please visit www.supergeotek.com .


New Appearance of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3

We are about to release a new application of outdoor tour guidance, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, in March,.

If you’ve used SuperGIS Mobile Tour 1.0 before, you might wonder what the difference between version 3 and version 1 is. Well, on the aspect of user interface, we hope to provide a more friendly and intuitive manipulation environment, so the interface of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 is redesigned. We significantly simplify the buttons and only reserve some basic functions, such as Fixed Zoom in/out, Go to Next Spot and Back to Last Spot. Tourists can intuitively manipulate the travel guide system and travel with ease.

As for navigation functions, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 can navigate tourists clearly to the next scenic spot by GPS so that they wouldn’t get lost even if the road signs are unclear. In addition, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 also provides a more friendly navigation function.

SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 allows tourists who want to skip some spots or go back to the previous spots to adjust the order of scenic spots instead of following the assigned route. Tourists can flexibly arrange their journey. It’s great, isn’t it?

We will continue to introduce more about SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 and other SuperGIS products for you.


SuperGeo Malaysia was born in Kuala Lumpur

March 3, 2010, is an important date for SuperGeo Technologies because it was the day when we established SuperGeo Malaysia with our important partner, Axis Commerce.

Axis Commerce was our exclusive reseller in Malaysia and has contributed to the promotion of SuperGIS software greatly for years. In order to optimize our service and support for our clients in Malaysia, we have been discussing the possibility of further cooperation. With our mutual efforts, the joint venture company, SuperGeo Malaysia, was finally born.

Our Chairman, Mr. Super Wang, especially led International Marketing Dep. to Kuala Lumpur to meet the new team, press, and clients in Malaysia. We were very excited to meet YBhg Datuk Mohd Badlisham Ghazali, CEO of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)*, and YBhg Datuk Ir. Mohammed Zakaria Bin Mohd Noor, who is also the Chairman of Axis Commerce. It’s not easy to see government officers (Datuk) in other countries, is it?

The Ceremony was very successful by attracting numerous attendees and media. The encouragement from MDeC also motivates us to transfer more knowledge and technologies to Malaysia. You might see another SuperGeo RD center in KL one day!

With the good collaboration and coming success, SuperGeo is planning to set up more branch offices and joint venture companies in the future, to better support our partners and local users everywhere in the world. Interested? Welcome to join us now.

* MDeC is the Government's agency in charge of the Multimedia Development Supercorridor (MSC) in Malaysia.


Introduce our exclusive resellers in the whole Indian market

SuperGeo recently signs the exclusive reseller contract with Luminous Engineering & Technology Services Pvt. Ltd (Luminous ETS). From now, you could find SuperGeo representatives in the huge market in the whole India.

Luminous ETS (http://www.luminousets.com/) is a professional consultancy company specializing in engineering and geomatics solutions. Its service range not only covers India, but also the States and Europe. We are thrilled to co-work with Luminous ETS to provide the most comprehensive services for more SuperGIS users.

In addition to Luminous ETS, our another important partner, SpaceInfo, continues to represent SuperGeo in the State of Karnataka and provide fine services for you. Look at http://www.supergeotek.com/About_us_supergeo_worldwide.aspx and find our partners close to you.