Introducing SuperGIS Server 3.1a Advanced Beta to Increase Data Analysis Capacity

SuperGIS Server 3.1a Advanced edition Beta is introduced to provide enterprises with more comprehensive and professional analysis functions. SuperGIS Server 3.1a, an enterprise-level server platform, gives the organizations the ability to create, manage, integrate, and publish various types of GIS services.

Through using SuperGIS Server 3.1a, organizations are able to integrate, publish and access all types of spatial data, imagery, and GIS functions in desktop, mobile and web applications over the Internet, as well as build ideal workflow to increase operational productivity.

SuperGIS Server 3.1a is available in Value, Standard, and Advanced editions to fulfill many different enterprises’ needs according to their development requirements of projects. In addition to integrating and publishing diverse spatial data, the Value edition allows users to deploy front-end applications to view, edit, and query the map services.

The Standard edition offers advanced geo-processing analysis functions and Mobile SDK to assist enterprises in publishing analysis services and developing specific mobile applications.

Not only performing all the GIS functions in Value and Advanced editions, the Advanced edition also provides users the built-in SuperGIS Analysts such as Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, and Spatial Statistics Analyst to increase data analysis capacity.

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The Desktop GIS Software- SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a Adds Spanish Interface

We are pleased to announce that the latest SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a now supports Spanish user interface, allowing Spanish speaking users to efficiently accomplish GIS tasks with ease.

Delivering abundant GIS tools, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a, the latest desktop GIS software, allows users from different domains to develop a professional GIS platform for geoprocessing, as well as easily analyzing, displaying, editing, managing, and querying spatial data.

SuperGIS Toolkit in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a performs hundreds of GIS analysis functions and enables users to design the analysis and processes with Process Designer.

With Process Designer, users can define geoprocessing functions and workflows to process massive amount of geospatial data directly. In addition, the defined process can also be published as geoprocessing service with SuperGIS Server 3.1a.

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SuperGIS Toolkit Now Available to Support Biodiversity Analysis Functions

SuperGIS Toolkit in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a performs Biodiversity Analysis to assist users in better understanding the relationship and the distribution between species and spatial patterns.

With abundant GIS tools, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a allows GIS experts to build a professional GIS platform for geoprocessing and easy spatial data display, editing, management, query and analysis.

The desktop GIS software provides users with flexible and plentiful analysis tools, as well as SuperGIS Toolkit that enables users to design the analysis and processes with Process Designer and efficiently conduct batch processing for massive amount of data.

Biodiversity Analyst in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a offers Diversity Analysis and Landscape Indices that helping users effectively explore features of spatial patterns of species distributions, including richness, diversity, and evenness. A license of SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst is required to carry out Biodiversity Analysis in SuperGIS Toolkit.

In addition to delivering hundreds of analysis functions such as Clip, Select, Intersect, etc. In addition, SuperGIS Toolkit offers various specialized analysis extensions, including Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, and Spatial Statistics Analyst to help users perform more sophisticated tasks.

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GIS Practices for Hillside Monitoring and Management

Taipei is the capital in Taiwan and nearly fifty-five percent of the urban land is occupied by hillsides. However, the increasing population and the sprawl of new houses across the hillsides have resulted in some environmental problems and damages due to uncontrolled urban development. The changing or destructive terrain and hillside condition make it difficult for surveyors to collect terrain data and the visible evidence of environmental destruction of land resources.
To reduce hillside denudation and improve the querying and reporting efficiency of field data collection, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government employed GIS technology to integrate the terrain data and hillside images taken by satellites and then provide the officers with better hillside observation. With the system, the forest patrols will be well informed if there is any hillside destruction and then enabled to identify the reported location of the hillside.

In addition, the system helps the forest patrols access the reported information to explore terrain data using smart phones, tablet, or computers and further update the dynamic information about hillside condition through applications on devices. Therefore, inspectors could fully comprehend and monitor hillside condition in each region in real time.

Developed by Geotechnical Engineering Office, the Taipei Hillside Remote Sensing Management System for Reporting and Querying is consisted of Information Reporting System and Field Investigation Management System. The systems can automatically generate electronic reports and tables to help inspectors manage photos, record the hillside condition, and upload investigation results in texts through handheld system.

In this project, the server-based GIS software enables the office to publish map services and the forest patrols to directly load maps and report real-time status of each region. Besides, Field Investigation Management System, the custom mobile app, is also created for Android devices to collect the hillside information of case number, district number, coordinates of the reported location, hillside variation images, topographic maps, etc.

Serving as a geospatial data gateway, Taipei Hillside Remote Sensing Management System for Reporting and Querying shows the location of destructed hillside through satellite image analysis. Afterwards, the reported location data can be sent to investigators’ mobile devices over the Internet for further investigation data and photo updates more effectively.

In the next phase, the system aims to establish a map website using SuperGIS Server, the enterprise server GIS software, to ensure all the reported cases could be well integrated and displayed on maps and the environmental condition in each mountain could be effortlessly obtained for better preservation, saving the loss and reducing disaster damage.
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SuperSurv 3.1a to be Released for Improved Data Collection for Android Devices

Android-powered SuperSurv 3.1a will be released with the enhanced connection of SuperGIS Server 3.1a services.

SuperSurv is the mobile GIS application for Android devices, which enables you to overlay layers in tablets or smart phones to collect spatial data, position with GPS, use waypoint guidance, etc. Moreover, the mobile GIS software supports global coordinate system settings, allowing users to save the collected data of point, line and polygon in SHP, GEO or KML formats for further application use.

Primarily leveraging the connection of SuperGIS Server 3.1a, SuperSurv 3.1a allows to access the server services and to edit feature service online to synchronize the updated feature and attribute data with server.

In addition, Online Map Tool will be offered to support OpenStreetMap and Google Maps as reference basemap for field surveys. To efficiently display the attribute data in different languages in other GIS applications, The code page settings will also be added into “Creating a New Layer.”

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