Supergeo Provides SuperGIS Server Mobile SDK Samples

Supergeo provides SuperGIS Server Mobile SDK samples through instruction text, sample code, video, etc. to help you comprehend the usage of SDK.

The new-launched SuperGIS Server 3.1a offers Value and Standard editions to your requirements in diverse projects. The Value edition supports to publish map services, feature services and basic geoprocessing services. Not only serving all functions offered by Value edition, the Standard edition also performs advanced geoprocessing services and Mobile SDK which enables users to customize their mobile applications to access SuperGIS Server services.
The Mobile SDK Samples supports iOS, Windows Mobile, Android platforms. Supergeo provides Windows Mobile users specifically with a sample, demonstrating how to develop an application to access SuperGIS Server services, directly edit features directly, and enable simultaneous editing by multiple users via the Internet.

Learn more relevant instruction by visiting Supergeo Forum http://www.supergeotek.com/Forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=109 or Supergeo TV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1M2JqqxbVs

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SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in Coming Soon

SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in will be released to help Taiwanese users integrate statistical data with geographic features and obtain expected theme maps with statistics.

SuperGIS Online, a spatial data on-demand service, is designed for professional GIS experts, general GIS users, and value-added application users to effortlessly create their own infographics by subscribing SuperGIS Online service.

SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in performs a value added function that worked on Microsoft Office Excel 2010, allowing users to diversify data display instead of displaying data with bar chart or pie chart only. SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in enables users to easily create theme maps to improve data visualization and reporting through integrating with statistics with geographic features.

With SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in, users are able to create charts and get corresponding information like the names of the counties, cities, and towns and specific coordinates, as well as displaying data visually with unique values, graduated colors, graduated symbols, etc. on the map. This service, SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in, is available only to clients in Taiwan.

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Map API and Cloud GIS Services in Taiwan

Cloud computing, the prevailing and rapidly emerging technology, has become mainstream in most of the industries. Developed by the Information Center, Ministry of The Interior, Taiwan Geospatial One-Stop (TGOS) is the portal which enables users to search, view, query, and access the geospatial data and the web services in Taiwan.

Serving as the geodatabase and web service provider, TGOS contains comprehensive query catalog, Metadata database of national spatial data, and web services, helping government, organizations, academic institutions, and citizens to find information like contents, data providers (departments), and usage limits of the required geodata through searching Metadata on TGOS.
The public spatial data in Taiwan are owned by different departments. To effectively lower the cost of repeated service maintenance of the systems for government institutes, TGOS Cloud is developed to collect, store, and process the spatial data from local governments and then publish diverse APIs such as TGOS MAP API to integrate with their own data.

The existing TGOS only served to collect spatial data and offer physical files. In response to the recent expansion of system requirements, TGOS Cloud aims to fully support the original systems, to demonstrate the functionality such as membership database, browsing authority of spatial data, and service registration management, and to enable users to integrate the spatial data that will be processed and served as APIs on the TGOS portal.

In this project, SuperGIS Server 3 allows TGOS users to create, manage and distribute spatial data as GIS services including map services, feature services, and OGC services and unify map tile types to reduce labor cost in data preparation for government departments. Moreover, the server GIS ensures that new GIS services can be overlaid with the existing ones and easily applied to various mobile applications using Map API.

TGOS MAP API is classified into five elements, including the basic and advanced Web-controllers, stacking for map elements, data structures, and other located services. Users can use frequently-used essential base maps and manipulation tools to display the map data.

TGOS Cloud provides end-users with the ability to query data or employ application with pre-generated base maps. By accessing the TGOS Cloud system for TGOS MAP API and Network Service, users can develop their own map services using TGOS MAP API and achieve seamless data fusion in TGOS database for Web GIS and Mobile GIS applications.

With the development of TGOS Cloud, it facilitates organizations to integrate and publish spatial data as diverse services via connecting with TGOS services. Consequently, users are not only able to apply Map API offered by TGOS Cloud to conduct various analyses such as route analysis and buffer analysis but also to effectively manage their map websites without paying huge costs to publish maps.
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Supergeo to Provide DGPS Post-processing Tool for Precise Field Data Collection

We are glad to announced that the DGPS post-processing tool will be introduced to assist SuperPad users in post-processing the collected field data using SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a to improve data accuracy.

SuperPad 3 is a full-function mobile GIS application field survey and mapping, allowing you to collect, edit, and measure spatial data. Working with GPS, SuperPad 3 performs waypoint guidance and creation with GPS, etc., helping you promptly identify current position and collect spatial data.

When surveyors collect spatial data with GPS, interferences form ionosphere, atmosphere, anthropogenic factors, and electrical noise may result in positioning error during process of transmitting satellite signal. 

To avoid such errors occurring frequently, SuperPad 3 will offer an extension to help users accurately collect spatial data and record satellite signals simultaneously. As a result, the data collection can be imported to SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a and rectified with the post-processing tool.

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