SuperGeo enters Europe officially

SuperGeo is thrilled to introduce an important partner in Europe, where CERENE Services, a major provider of GIS services in France for over 45 years, will promote SuperGeo products exclusively in France.

We have been approached by many excellent companies with deep GIS experience all over the world recently and are talking with some of the most potential ones. We will be announcing more related news soon.

Are you looking for powerful and competitive GIS software which is more profitable for you with much better service from the software provider? Then welcome to contact with us for more details- but please do it soon because we are signing more and more exclusive partners to form our firm global reseller network. Contact us now (staff@supergeotek.com) and see if your interested territory is booked!

More information of CERENE Services is available at http://www.cerene-services.fr/spip/index.php

More SuperGeo resellers to be found at http://www.supergeotek.com/About_us_supergeo_worldwide.aspx


Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching and this year is Tiger Year!

Tiger symbolizes energy, strength, and power, so we would like to wish you an energetic, successful, and healthy year.

Also, we say ‘恭喜發財' (Gong Xi Fa Cai) in Chinese New Year, to wish you good luck and more fortune.

This year, the holidays start from 2/13 (Sat.) to 2/21 (Sun.), so we will be out of office for a while. Please email us (staff@supergeotek.com) during the vacation if needed. We will be back to the office on 2/22 (Mon.). Sorry for any inconvenience.

May you have a prosperous New Year!

Warmest Regards from SuperGeo Technologies Inc.

Super Dinner Party

By the end of the Lunar Calendar, many business owners in Taiwan banquet all the employees at a dinner party, especially those nice owners. Our Chairman, Mr. Super Wang, is no exception.

Last Friday night, all the employees at SuperGeo, along with our spin-off companies, SMAP Inc. and TMS Inc., were invited to a nice dinner party in a fine restaurant. We released the pressure from hard work for a while and had a really wonderful time with all the colleagues.

This occasion is often used by the company owners to express their gratitude to all the hard-working staff, especially when we are doing very hard to be the best GIS software provider! We, of course, appreciate the work opportunity offered by our boss deeply, too.

During this dinner party, we had drinking game, singing show, and great prize draws! Every employee won some prizes, depending on how luck he/she was.

You can see how much we enjoyed ourselves from the photos. With this warmest care, we will also contribute the best of ourselves in the coming year and distribute SuperGIS software to more corners in the world.


SuperPad 3 supports more languages!

In order to serve more international users, SuperGeo Mobile Team is working on multiple languages for SuperPad 3, our whole new full-function mobile GIS software.

Besides the existing Traditional Chinese and English interfaces, SuperPad 3 now also supports German, Spanish, and Japanese. We are also working on French and Simplified Chinese and will add the new languages into SuperPad 3 soon.

Now, you can go to http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6.aspx to download the latest SuperPad 3, and experience the latest supported languages.

Steps: After downloading SuperPad 3 and verifying the license number successfully, start the software, go to System Settings, Languages, and you can try the required languag. (Oh! remember to re-open SuperPad 3 once you change the language, so you can see the correct language setting.)

As we are increasing more and more users worldwide, we also plan to add more languages for more software products. We hope this can benefit our global clientele and partners, because user satisfaction is always our priority…