Introduce Cody Corporation, Our Exclusive Partner in Australia & New Zealand

SuperGeo Technologies is thrilled to announce our new partner in Oceania- Cody Corporation will distribute SuperGIS series software exclusively in Australia and New Zealand!

Established in 1981, Cody Corporation has a strong distributing network for the Surveying and GIS/GPS market. Cody Corporation now resells rugged handheld computers, total stations, lasers, etc. from several globally reputed hardware providers and has 75 active dealers all over Oceania. The inclusion of SuperGIS series software will bring a ‘turnkey solution’ for the local users.

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of SuperGeo products, Cody Corporation especially sent the GIS expert to Taipei for product training.

Since we believe that the best support from the understanding of user demands, Cody Corporation has also brought the local needs to discuss with SuperGeo team. We also hope that our partners can better promote SuperGIS software by means of the training and support from SuperGeo.

More information of Cody Corporation is available http://www.codycorp.com.au/

Interested in joining us or having training course? Please email staff@supergeotek.com


Do you know what Thiessen Polygon is?

We hope that SuperGIS Spatial Analyst effectively assists you in analyzing spatial relationships, building spatial models, and performing complex raster operations.

To improve the capabilities of SuperGIS Spatial Analyst for analyzing spatial data, SuperGeo RD Team announces that SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 2 now supports Thiessen Polygon.

Thiessen Polygon defines individual areas of influence around each of a set of points. It’s usually used to estimate the average rainfall, average runoff, etc. in a certain area.

The feature of Thiessen Polygon is to apply the specified sample points to divide a surface into polygons. Moreover, each polygon only contains one sample point. The distance between each location inside the polygon and the sample point is closer than any other sample points inside other polygons.

Wanna try Thiessen Polygon in SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 2? Please check www.supergeotek.com to download the free trial.


Meet SuperGeo’s Turkish Exclusive Reseller, KÖKLÜ

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive partner, KÖKLÜ, in Turkey.

Established in 1989, KÖKLÜ originally was SuperGeo’s resellers in Turkey. After cooperating with SuperGeo team for some time, KÖKLÜ has observes the potential of being the exclusive reseller and thus applied to be our only distributer in this territory.

After evaluating all the applicants, we have decided to choose KÖKLÜ as SuperGeo’s representative in Turkish market.

KÖKLÜ owns numerous experts in the domains of GIS, RS, GPS, and cartography and is also an ISO9001-2000 certified company. We will do our best to assist the important partner in promoting SuperGIS products in a long run.

"SuperGIS software features high quality, powerful functions, fine services, and highly competitive prices. All of them are important advantages in global market.” mentioned KÖKLÜ. “We have already started our marketing efforts in the territory and look forward to the further collaboration and development with SuperGeo team to serve more local users.”

More information of KÖKLÜ is available at http://www.koklu.com.tr/


SuperGeo Brings GIS Training to Indonesia

The GIS Training and Support Center at SuperGeo Technologies opened a GIS training program in Jakarta, Indonesia, for our newly-signed Indonesian reseller, Datascrip.

During the training program, not only did the Center offer technical training courses of SuperGIS software and the new features of SuperGIS 3 products, our International Marketing Team also provided sales and marketing training for Datascrip company.

Having more than 800 employees and 9 business units, Datascrip provides comprehensive business services for the local market. Datascrip also owns a professional team to especially promote geospatial products and contribute to GIS projects. We are informed that Datascrip is already in contact with considerable clients interested in SuperGIS software.

With the strong support and service from SuperGeo team, Datascrip mentioned that they have better and deeper understanding of SuperGeo products and company, so they can get more and more business opportunities in the wide Indonesian market.

SuperGeo is also going to hold another training course for some business partners who will become our official representatives soon. For example, we are expecting to welcome our exclusive reseller in Australia by the end of June in Taiwan.

Interested in SuperGIS training or distributing SuperGIS software? Contact us now (staff@supergeotek.com).


Portuguese and Korean Now Supported in SuperGIS

We are pleased to announce that SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports Portuguese and Korean and SuperPad 3 supports Portuguese. A more friendly manipulation environment for non-English speakers is enhanced now.

In addition to Traditional Chinese, English, and Japanese, SuperGIS Desktop is available in Portuguese and Korean. With more and more users of SuperGIS series products, we know that the user interface which used to support English only cannot satisfy a large number of worldwide users. Therefore, SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports Portuguese and Korean.

Besides, SuperPad 3 supports multiple languages, including Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and French. Now, SuperPad 3 supports Portuguese as well, enabling Portuguese Speakers to manipulate the software more easily in the field.

If you would like to try the multiple language supports of SuperGIS Desktop 3 and SuperPad 3, welcome to www.supergeotek.com.


SuperGeo Global Sales Performance

We are honored to introduce some of our successful sales performance, which has benefited the following organizations in the applications to engineering, tourism, medicine, humanity, etc.

1. SuperGIS software is selected by Taiwan government. The Public Works Department in Hsin-Chu County Government purchased SuperGIS Desktop for terrain analysis.

2. The Center for Water Resources Management and Policy Research procured SuperWebGIS, to demonstrate the visualized maps for better analysis of watersheds and water resources.

3. The Department of Tourism Management at Far East University procured SuperGIS Mobile Tour, to develop a digital tour guide system.

4. The Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics at Taipei Medical University purchased SuperWebGIS to establish a platform for publishing medical information.

5. The Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, selected SuperWebGIS to build a platform that integrates Taiwan economic and social indications, as well as historical demographic data with GIS technologies.

6. Ching Yun University procured GIS Learning CD for the Library, aiming to provide a complete GIS tutoring tool for all the students for the convenient use.