Map Middle East 2011 in Qatar

Guess what? SuperGeo team just back from Map Middle East 2011! We must say “Impressive and pleaseant.” was the best description for the experience!

Map Middle East 2011 was held in Doha, State of Qatar, lasting from April 17-19. With the theme “Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure and Capacity Building”, the event provides an platform for international geospatial community to gather experts for discussing the challenge and the future of geospatial industry.

What was different from the exhibitions SuperGeo attended before, we co-exhibit with our important partners from Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc. in the conference. And this revealed our strong network in the Middle East.

During the event, we not only displayed SDI related applications by SuperGIS software, but also discussed with many government sectors, private firms, and educational institutes.

Having made a comprehensive self-introduction to all visitors, we expect to construct more collaboration with local businesses and gain potential opportunities in promoting SuperGIS products to enhance the development in the Middle East.

For more information, please visit http://www.mapmiddleeast.org/

More information about SuperGeo is available at www.supergeotek.com

SuperGeo Attended Map Malaysia 2011

We have been looked forward to share with you that SuperGeo team had participated in Map Malaysia 2011 in Sabah, Malaysia, during April 6-7.

Map Malaysia 2011 was jointly held by “GIS Development” and “Lands and Surveys Department Sabah”, with the theme set as “Empowering Nation through Geospatial”. It covered wide aspects of geospatial technology in supporting the sustainable development of various fields in Malaysia.

In the event, SuperGeo Malaysia, the first subsidiary company of SuperGeo Technologies, was endeavoring to demonstrate the latest SuperGIS software along with the applications for all the participants.

To SuperGeo, the exhibition was really a precious opportunity to exchange opinions with geo-informatics communities and explore to what extent GIS applications could contribute to human beings.

Additionally, we truly harvested a lot by communicating with delegates from diverse categories in GIS industry, and the experience helped us to further understand the need of local users.

For more information, please visit http://mapmalaysia.org/

More information about SuperGeo is available at www.supergeotek.com

SuperGeo At Geospatial World Forum in India

SuperGeo team was joining in Geospatial World Forum in Hyderabad, India, from January 18 to 21.

During the event, SuperGeo team showcased the latest SuperGIS software and applications, and successfully caught much attention from numerous visitors.

Organized by GIS Development, one of the most renowned geospatial communication network companies, Geospatial World Forum offered a platform for global geospatial community and users to communicate.

With the aim of promoting GIS applications, SuperGeo team was delighted to attend the forum. We met a great number of representatives and had pleasure talks with them. What's more, through the demonstration of the latest SuperGIS software, we established the initial connection with many potential customers and prospective partners in the fair.

One thing worth mentioning was that to praise the enterprise that have made lots of contribution in geospatial industry, GIS Development especially held Geospatial Excellence Awards. And SuperGeo felt greatly appreciated that our GIS technology and applications were one of the candidates of the honor!

For more information, please visit http://www.geospatialworldforum.org/

More information about SuperGeo is available at www.supergeotek.com


Introduce SuperGeo's latest Distributor in Saudi Arabia

We couldn't be more excited to share a good news with you, that is, we have just formed the partnership with KIRRA, a company engaging in Mapping and GIS. This corporation will distribute SuperGIS series software exclusively in Saudi Arabia.

Sited in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, KIRRA has been offering services regarding GIS&GPS projects, field survey, custom mapping, etc. to local clients on the basis of abundant experiences in geospatial technology.

As a reputed enterprise in the geospatial markets of the Middle East and Asia, KIRRA deems that the powerful SuperGIS products will undoutedly become the edge in further enlarging its business. Therefore, KIRRA contacts with us for cooperation.

Today, we officially granted the exclusive partnership to KIRRA, who will distribute SuperGIS series products in Saudi Arabia.

An event worth mentioning is that KIRRA and us both attended Map Middle East 2011 in Doha, Qatar from April 17 to 19. During the fair, we had exchanged opinions with many GIS experts from the Middle East region, and in the meantime we gained a lot of precious ideas on exploring the future and challenges of geospatial industry in Arabic countries.


SuperGIS Application to Spatial Data Management

We'd like to introduce a recent success story by using SuperGIS technology...

Kinmen National Park is the first national park in Taiwan for the preservation of historical cultural heritage and natural resources. But one thing you may not know is that featuring plentiful fauna and flora, precious historical battle sites and intact traditional tribes, Kinmen National Park has long been facing great challenge of spatial data management.

Due to the enormous geographic data of the Kinmen island and the accidental incompatibility between land data and the system for data processing, the staff of Kinmen National Park often has difficulties in spatial data management.

In order to improve the utility of the land data and to maintain public facilities in Kinmen National Park, the administration decided to set up a Geographic Information System (GIS). Accordingly, “Kinmen National Park Spatial Data Management GIS” is established.

Adopting SuperWebGIS as the map server to publish the spatial data that is edited completely over the Internet, this system is able to perform many functions like query and position, user account management, file management, data output and map data display.

With the file integration functions, “Kinmen National Park Spatial Data Management GIS” not only effectively solves the problem of different sources and file formats, but also helps the staff analyze the geographic data more easily.

SuperGeo is honored with the SuperGIS appication to the Spatial Data Management of Kinmen National Park. In the future, we hope to make more contribution to benefit the environment and the development of various industries by SuperGIS products.