SuperGeo Attracted Numerous Visitors at Map Asia 2010!

SuperGeo team was joining in Map Asia 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during July 26 to 28. We demonstrated the latest SuperGIS software and applications, and successfully attracted many, many, many visitors!

In March 2010, we established SuperGeo Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur to better serve the local clients in Malaysia and the neighbor countries. Malaysia would be the important location and base for SuperGeo to develop in Asia.

During Map Asia 2010, a big team from both the headquarters in Taipei and SuperGeo Malaysia was co-exhibiting the latest SuperGIS products for local and global visitors. Everyday we were so busy with happy mood to communicate with the visitors.

In addition to the local clients, we also had numerous users and potential partners from Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Middle East, etc., for more cooperation and expansion opportunities.

You will find us in Kaohsiung for Asia GIS in early November. See you soon!

French and German Languages are supported in SuperGIS Now!

We’re excited to tell you that SuperGIS Desktop supports French and German now.

With the increasing number of SuperGIS Desktop users, multi-language support becomes more and more crucial. In addition to the supports of English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese, SuperGIS Desktop 3 now also supports French and German.

Both of German and French are of the most spoken languages in the world. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe, and French is the third one. There are more than 370 million German and French speakers worldwide.

With the supports of French and German, SuperGIS Desktop 3 can provide a more friendly environment for the large number of French and German users, to complete the GIS tasks more efficiently.

Interested in multi-language interface? Visit www.supergeotek.com to download the free trial software.


SuperGeo Technologies to Issue SuperWebGIS 3

SuperWebGIS 3 will be launched soon in August 2010. With this release, users will be more productive with their work and can take advantage of GIS any time and anywhere.

SuperWebGIS, the Internet map server software, can help organizations publish dynamic maps and GIS data via the Web. With the ubiquitous Internet, the enterprise spatial data can be shared limitlessly.

For more introduction, please see http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_1_201007.aspx. SuperGeo team will also keep providing the latest information (pricing, spec, new features, etc.) on www.supergeotek.com.

CEO of SuperGeo Technologies Interviewed by Vector 1 Media

Mr. Super Wang, CEO of SuperGeo Technologies, was again interviewed by famous GIS media. This time, Mr. Super Wang accepted the interview from Vector 1 Magazine, a professional geospatial website that has numerous visitors and high circulation, especially in America and Europe.

During the interview, Mr. Super Wang has talked about SuperGeo’s development from Taiwan, Asia, to the whole world. He also shared the professional opinions on the challenges, user expectation, and the related applications to future technologies in geospatial domain.

The whole interview, Building Asian GIS to Serve the World, can be found at http://www.vector1media.com/dialogue/interviews/14294-interview-

If you like to see another interview, from GIM International, please go to http://www.gim-international.com/issues/articles/id1425-Emerging_GIS_Software_Provider.html.


Meet SuperGeo Team at Map Asia during July 26-28

SuperGeo is delighted to invite you to Map Asia 2010, the event for connecting governments and citizens via ubiquitous GIS technologies. SuperGeo team will be showcasing the latest SuperGIS series software along with various related applications for you. Welcome to visit us at booth No. 16!

2010 is an important year for the global expansion of SuperGeo. Firstly, we become a business partner of GeoEye, the premier provider of superior satellite and aerial-based geospatial information and services. Then, we recruited CERENE in France as the French exclusive reseller and officially entered European market.

In March 2010, SuperGeo Malaysia was established in Kuala Lumpur to better serve the local clients in Malaysia and the neighbor countries. We are also planning to transfer more geospatial techniques to Malaysia, the important location and base for SuperGeo to develop in Asia.

In June, we recruited 2 important partners, Koklu and Cody Corporation. The former is our exclusive reseller in Turkey and the latter will represent SuperGeo exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. With these partners’ to join us, SuperGeo global reseller network will have stronger energy.

During Map Asia 2010, a big team from both the headquarters in Taipei and SuperGeo Malaysia will be exhibiting the latest SuperGIS products for local and global visitors. The International Marketing Team is looking to discuss with you for any business opportunities and how SuperGIS software can help your work in the local area. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Map Asia 2010 http://www.mapasia.org/


SuperGeo Global Sales Performance Announcement- July 09, 2010

SuperGeo is pleased to share some of our sales performance with you, especially in educational and research institutes. For example,

1. The Department of Industrial Management at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology selected SuperGIS Desktop and Network Analyst to assist the logistics analysis by the provided network computing functions.

2. The Department of Sports, Health, and Leisure at Chihlee Institute of Technology purchased SuperGIS Mobile Tour and SuperPad to establish a tour guide system.

3. Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Council of Agriculture, selected SuperGIS Desktop and SuperGIS Spatial Analyst for spatial analysis to benefit agricultural development and innovation.

4. The Library at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology procured GIS Learning CD, aiming to demonstrate general geospatial knowledge for the students.

5. Keio University, Japan, purchased SuperGIS Desktop and SuperPad for the Department of Humanities and Social Science, Faculty of Letters, aiming to benefit Ethnology and Archaeology studies.

6. National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India, procured SuperGIS Desktop for the Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics. On the other hand, FJM College, India, also selected SuperGIS Desktop for the Department of Geography.


Location, Location, Location! Store Site Selection System by SuperGIS Desktop

SuperGeo Technologies establishes Store Site Selection System by SuperGIS Desktop to analyze the spatial data when choosing a new site. Buffer Analysis and Service Area Analysis are also applied to the further evaluation of suitable location and ideal customer shopping rate.

In recent years, the rapid development of chain stores has put each store in fierce competition. If a chain store is run at a wrong site where there are only a few target customers or there are too many stores providing similar services, it would waste time and money for the wrong investment.

Using SuperGIS Desktop, the powerful desktop GIS software developed by SuperGeo Technologies, Store Site Selection System not only helps store owners effectively select a suitable site, but save a bunch of money and resources doing field survey.

In this case, complete spatial data of stores are very important base for advanced analysis. SuperGIS Desktop assists users in recording the attribute data of existing stores in the survey area and displaying the positions of stores on the map.

In terms of analysis methods, Buffer and Service Area Analysis methods are applied in this case. Buffer is the method used to recognize and select the features located in or out of the area of buffer. Users can understand whether the selected sites are located in or out of the buffer zones of the existing stores to avoid the problem of overlapping customers.

On the other hand, Service Area Analysis provides service area and service accessibility of each store by considering the route length and driving time to get the most complete and precise analysis results.

Interested in Store Site Selection System? See the details at http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201007.aspx


Big News for SuperPad Language Support

Do you know what the purpose of code page is? Language support for vector layer is determined by the code page associated with the vector layer.

In different regions or countries, character code is defined by different code pages. Now, SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software developed by SuperGeo, supports to read the code page of vector layers to read the character code of different languages.

With the support of code page, SuperPad 3 can completely display the text labels of the vector layers, no matter what language is used in the map layers. SuperPad can show the attribute data correctly according to the settings of the code page when users query the data.

Therefore, even users from various countries and regions use dissimilar languages, the different character code requirements can be satisfied when using SuperPad 3 to collect, survey, or edit data in the field.

Furthermore, SuperPad 3 contains hundreds of settings of the code page, enabling you to set the code page when you are adding a new layer. User convenience is improved significantly for worldwide surveyors and mobile GIS users.

Wanna try the new functionality in SuperPad 3, please download the trial from www.supergeotek.com.