SuperGeo global sales performance and applications

SuperGIS serial products have been chosen by dissimilar units globally. We would like to share some of them with you.

1. The Army Command Headquarters in Taiwan selected GIS Learning CD for the Engineer School at the Army, aiming to apply GIS knowledge to national defense.

2. National Taiwan Ocean University selected SuperGIS Desktop to enhance GIS teaching and research for the Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science.

3. Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand, procured SuperGIS Desktop and GIS Learning CD to enhance the teaching content of GIS knowledge, manipulation, and applications for the Faculty of Science and Technology.

4. Keio University, Japan, purchased SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software, for the Department of Ethnology and Archaeology.

5. The Agriculture Department in Chiayi County Government bought SuperPad 3 for field data collection and advanced analysis.

6. SuperGIS Server is selected by the Endemic Species Research Institute to integrate the data of biological diversity from different sources effectively on one platform.


SuperGIS Desktop 3 Coming Soon!

SuperGeo is glad to announce that SuperGIS Desktop 3, the new version of our flagship desktop GIS software, will be launched soon.

Compared with SuperGIS Desktop 2.x, SuperGIS Desktop 3 has more abundant GIS tools to offer GIS experts a professional GIS platform for geoprocessing, displaying, editing, managing, querying, and analyzing geographic data more promptly and easily.

In addition, SuperGIS Desktop 3 significantly enhances the performance to improve your work efficiency. On SuperGIS Desktop 3, you can directly read, edit and create geographic data in personal geodatabase so that it facilitates you to share, exchange, edit and read spatial data with the spatial databases effectively.

The new features of SuperGIS Desktop 3 includes:

- Enhance the efficiency of editing, drawing, and geoprocessing greatly
- Provide more convenient tools and shortcuts for easier operation
- Offer more excellent editing tools for different editing purposes
- Perfect your map quality with charts and various tools and templates
- Integrate Geodatabases and OGC standards closely

Stay tuned with SuperGeo blog for the latest product launching information.


A variety of SuperGIS applications and sales performance

SuperGIS series software is selected by several government agencies and educational institutes globally. For example,

1. National Chung-Hsing University procured SuperGIS (50+ licenses!) for Humanities Digital Archives and Value-added Application Program, aiming to benefit the humanity development.

2. The Department of Tourism at Shih-Hsin University purchased SuperGIS software and analysts to assist in tourism development and convenient tourist services.

3. Taiwan Forestry Research Institute procured SuperPad to collect various tree species, with which to contribute to forest development.

4. The Department of Fisheries Production and Management at National Kaohsiung Marine University procured SuperGIS Desktop, plus Spatial Analyst and Biodiversity Analyst, for the research in marine biology and the increase of fish productivity.

5. The Teaching Resource Center at Tungnan University procured SuperWebGIS to develop a platform for advanced campus tour guide.

6. Yong-Ren High School purchased SuperGIS for the whole lab, letting students to study GIS knowledge and applications by the powerful functions and easy manipulation in SuperGIS.

Bundle solutions by using SuperGIS Software

Are you a hardware provider/vendor of mobile devices, and looking to bundle with great mobile GIS software for more business opportunities?

Are you searching for cost-effective solutions for large quantities of mobile GIS software for your organization?

SuperGeo provides the best solutions with equivalent efficiency and lower prices to create more profits or save money for you.

We have,

SuperGIS Mobile Engine
SuperGIS Mobile Engine, an easy and powerful mobile GIS SDK, helps you easily develop and massively deploy mobile GIS applications. The more you use, the more you will save.

SuperPad is the best alternative on the current mobile GIS market. It offers full functions for field-workers and GIS managers while the price is only half of the competition.

SuperField suits lightweight surveyors by an extremely attractive cost for those needing basic GIS functions.

Bundle Solution
We also have a rugged PDA, Getac PS535F, to bundle with any of the above mobile GIS applications. The special hardware/software bundle is applicable to any field environments.

We offer larger discounts for users in need of huge quantities of licenses. Moreover, we will support you to customize required applications by means of our deep project experience. Contact us (staff@supergeotek.com) now to discuss your requirements and learn how much you can save!


Introduce New Partner- DATASCRIP in Indonesia

We are thrilled to introduce a new partner in Indonesia, where Datascrip becomes our reseller to promote various SuperGIS products.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Datascrip is a large company with 9 business units and over 800 employees. After evaluation of SuperGIS series software, its CAD and Surveying System Department procured SuperGIS (powerful Desktop GIS) and SuperPad (full-function mobile GIS) to assist in field data collection and professional mapping functions. Datascrip also wishes to be our representative in Indonesia and the contract has been confirmed today.

With the affiliation of Datascrip, SuperGeo’s global reseller network is further strengthened, especially in Southeast Asia. We hope to support more GIS users all over the world, by co-operating closely with SuperGeo’s global partners.

For more information of Datascrip, please visit http://www.datascrip.com/


SuperPad 3 in Français

Great news for French-speaking GIS users! Now, SuperPad 3, the new full-function mobile GIS software, is available in Français.

SuperPad 3 is the mobile GIS software which integrates mapping, GIS, and GPS techniques into a handheld device. It’s designed for field-based GIS professionals who require powerful GIS capabilities for data collection, measure, etc. Using SuperPad 3 will improve the validity and usability of the collected data and make your field tasks more effective.

SuperPad 3 now supports French language, the 6th supported language after English, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Japanese. Numerous French-speaking in the world could use the software more easily and conveniently.

SuperGeo has an exclusive partner, CERENE Services, in France, who would also support the French-speaking users in the neighbor countries.

Our RD Team will add more international languages to our software in the future, to better support the global GIS users.

Want to try the multi-language support of SuperPad 3? Welcome to www.supergeotek.com to download the SuperPad 3 evaluation software.


SuperGeo Global Sales Performance

In these weeks, our worldwide partners have had excellent sales performance in global GIS market. For example,

1. The Endemic Species Research Institute in the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, purchased SuperPad 3 for using our latest GIS technologies to collect rich biodiversity data.

2. The University of Lagos, Nigeria, purchased SuperGIS Desktop, on the recommendation of Arinmap Consultants, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Nigeria and Ghana.

3. The Department of Civil Engineering at National Chiao Tung University purchased SuperGIS Desktop and various analysts, including Spatial Analyst, Spatial Statistical Analyst, and 67-97 CTS Analyst (Taiwan only).

4. National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, Japan, procured SuperPad 3 to help field surveyors with effective data-collection. The procurement is contributed by Bizworks, SuperGeo’s reseller in Japan.

These efforts are contributed by our partners all over the world, which is highly appreciated.

By the end of April, SuperGeo R&D Team will also launch SuperGIS Desktop 3, the whole new upgraded, more powerful, and better enhanced Desktop GIS software. We have great confidence in supporting more GIS users and again creating excellent sales performace in our global territory.


The best digital tour guide for interesting and meaningful trips

Have you been to Taiwan? Do you know Taiwan is a beautiful island located on the western Pacific Ocean? Taiwan has many beautiful scenic spots (like Taroko and Kenting), renowned landmarks (such as 101, National Palace Museum and night markets), and also rich history and culture. It’s a country worthy of visiting.

While traveling, if there is a professional tour guide introducing the spots clearly for you, the trip must be more fun. However, a tour guide usually leads a group of tourists so that it would be inconvenient for general tourists to travel with one tour guide. Therefore, SuperGeo has designed SuperGIS Mobile Tour to better assist you in this situation.

Yilan Bike Navigation System and Yehliu Geopark Guide System are location-based electronic navigation service systems developed by SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3. Both of the systems integrate GPS navigation and GIS technologies. As long as tourists have a handheld device equipped with GPS chip, they can follow the navigation route to easily enjoy the scenery.

During a trip, as the tourist is approaching the scenic spot which is recorded in the route, the system will automatically launch the introduction to the scenic spot. So, tourists will be able to obtain the abundant and detailed information of the scenery.

For more information on SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, visit www.supergeotek.com.