High Interoperability with Geodatabases in SuperGIS Desktop 3

In early May, we announced the latest release of SuperGIS Desktop.

SuperGIS Desktop 3 has many new GIS tools and high-performance. In terms of the geodatabases, which many GIS users focus on, SuperGIS Desktop 3 significantly improves the support for geodatabases.

SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports many kinds of geodatabases, such as Access MDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Spatial. You can easily create a new layer and edit the vector layers with various tools provided by SuperGIS Desktop 3.

Moreover, you can import more layer formats to Access MDB, like GML, MIF, etc. so that you will have more flexibility of managing layers to improve the working efficiency.

Also, SuperGIS Desktop 3 not only supports to read the layers from Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Spatial, but also greatly improves the settings of reading layers. To improve the settings of feature symbol display, you are allowed to effectively adjust the feature symbols to satisfy the needs in different fields.

Does this support in SuperGIS Desktop 3 interest you? Welcome to www.supergeotek.com and learn more new features of SuperGIS Desktop 3.


SuperGeo at global GIS events

Last week, SuperGeo team showed up in several international exhibitions in different countries.

During May 17 to 19, we were joining in IEEE 71st Vehicular Technology Conference in Taipei. As the event focused on vehicular technologies, SuperGeo team demonstrated SuperGIS Network Server and several transportation-related success stories displayed on WebGIS platforms.

Then, on May 20 to 21, we went to Chinese Culture University for the 7th Taipei International Digital Earth Symposium. The international event also attracted reputed researchers and professors to discuss environmental issues combining GIS technologies. We had a pleasant meeting with the visitors and other companies for advanced technical discussion.

Finally, let us take you to Istanbul, Turkey, for INTERGEO EAST. The special city is located in both Asia and Europe, so numerous visitors from many countries came to the event to visit SuperGeo booth. We also have significant harvest as the exclusive reseller in Turkey is under confirmation and we have met several potential partners in Istanbul.

With the presence at these 3 international GIS events, SuperGeo brand image is further enhanced and SuperGeo global reseller network is expected to be expanded soon.

Where will we be the next? We will see you in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for Map Asia 2010 on July 26 to 28. See you soon!


OGC Supports in SuperWebGIS 2.1

In recent years, the support for OGC Standards is an important factor for choosing GIS software. Therefore, SuperGeo R&D Team has been working on this to fulfill user needs better. Now, we are proud to announce that SuperWebGIS 2.1, the Internet map server software, has passed OGC WCS 1.0.0 and WFS 1.0.0 compliance test and got the official certificate.

WCS (Web Coverage Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service) are the standards defined by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). WCS defines the standard interface and operation used for exchange coverage data on the Internet. On the other hand, WFS defines the feature services used on the internet and also defines the transactional capability of web features, such as add, delete, update, access, and query the spatial data and attribute data.

We believe that users can access the complete data and have advanced manipulation with the data from web data services published by SuperWebGIS due to the supports for WFS and WCS. As a result, the use benefit can be optimized to achieve the goal of data interoperability and sharing.


SuperGIS Software Gets Popularity in Universities Worldwide

Recently, SuperGIS series software has been selected widely by numerous higher educational institutes all over the world. For instance,

1. The Department of Geography at University of Ibadan selected SuperGIS Desktop for GIS teaching and researching.

2. Japan Tokai University purchased SuperPad for the Research & Information Center, to effectively collect geospatial data in the field.

3. SuperGeo Malaysia successfully promoted SuperGIS Desktop to University of Malaya (UM), one of the top universities and also the oldest higher educational institute in Malaysia.

4. Nan Kai University of Technology, Taiwan, procured SuperGIS Mobile Tour, SuperPad, and SuperGIS Desktop, to build a campus guide system for the whole school.

5. The Emergency Toxic Response Information Center at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, purchased SuperGIS Desktop plus analysis analyst, to display toxic materials on the maps.

6. Taiwan GIS Center (TGIC) selected GIS Learning CD to educate related staff comprehensive GIS knowledge. TGIC is in charge of regulating and promoting important GIS-related policies, as well as allocating GIS expenditures in Taiwan.


Can’t wait? SuperGIS Desktop 3 Now Available!

We are excited to announce that SuperGIS Desktop 3 is released globally!

With comprehensive GIS capabilities and fully supports for Windows 7, SuperGIS Desktop 3 provides you a more effective and professional GIS platform for editing, mapping, analyzing, and geoprocessing. Your working efficiency is expected to be improved by 20%.

Also, SuperGIS Desktop 3 has more and abundant GIS tools so that you are able to deal with more complicated data effectively. Meanwhile, the generated results will be able to satisfy the diverse and higher requests.

In addition, SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports to read and write spatial data in several commonly used geodatabases, like Personal Geodatabase, SQL Server, and Oracle Spatial. On the other hand, the support for OGC standards improves the quality and efficiency of reading the web map services to provide you with an environment to display web maps.

Visit www.sueprgeotek.com and learn what’s new in SuperGIS Desktop 3. Welcome to download the trail of SuperGIS Desktop 3 for free!

Meet SuperGeo in Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and Everywhere

SuperGeo is exhibiting globally at significant geospatial exhibitions every year, to meet new partners and potential buyers in the domain of GIS.

During May 19 – 21, we are going to Istanbul, Turkey, for INTERGEO EAST (www.intergeo-east.com/), the trade fair and conference for geoinformation, land management, building industry, and the environment. Our booth number is A140 and we hope to meet you soon.

In July 26 – 28, we will be in Kuala Lumpur for Map Asia (www.mapasia.org/), which has a main focus on connecting government and citizen through GIS technologies. SuperGeo Technologies and SuperGeo Malaysia will be showcasing SuperGIS software along with deep project experience for you.

If you are in Taiwan, SuperGeo team will also be demonstrating SuperGIS 3 series software in Taipei, as the following,

1. 2010 IEEE 71st Vehicular Technology Conference, May 16–19 2010, Taipei, Taiwan. (www.ieeevtc.org/vtc2010spring/index.php)

2. The 7th Taipei International Digital Earth Symposium (TIDES 2010), May 20–21 2010, Taipei, Taiwan. (deconf.pccu.edu.tw/2010TIDES/cht-info.html)

Look forward to seeing you soon!


Windows 7 Support by SuperGIS Desktop 3

Last week, we introduced the brief of SuperGIS Desktop 3 for you. Now you may ask us one question: Does SuperGIS Desktop 3 support Windows 7, the latest operating system developed by Microsoft? The answer is "Yes!"

SuperGIS Desktop 3 completely supports Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. Windows 7 supports 64-bit and multi-core processor and significantly improves the use of memory, so the performance of the operating system is greatly enhanced.

With the support of Windows 7, the powerful GIS capabilities of SuperGIS Desktop 3, like map editing and management, geoprocessing, etc., can be used much more adequately.

Consequently, you can effectively deal with a large quantity of complicated spatial data in a high-efficiency and high-quality operating environment. Of course, your work efficiency would be significantly improved.

Try the latest powerful SuperGIS Desktop 3 at www.supergeotek.com