Support to Establish GIS Education Center in Kaohsiung

With the increasing demands and application use of Geographic Information System in the south of Taiwan, we co-founded the GIS Education Center with the Geography Department at National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU) last week.

The foundation of GIS Education Center at NKNU is built to collaborate the research work with industry and to serve as an academic organization to spread Geographical Information Systems (GIS) knowledge, providing customizable support to the local governmental units, the educational institutes and private enterprises.

Taking the advantage of its sufficient teaching and learning resource of the GIS education center, it enables students, educators, and the public officials to study expert Geospatial knowledge, receiving professional GIS training, and further to offer GIS certificate program to reach the growing demand for GIS skills in domestic job market.

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SuperGeo Sports Day 2012

Last Saturday (2/18), SuperGeo Team co-held the Athletics Day with our partner companies to celebrate the company spirit and enhance our colleagueship. Although it was raining day, everyone one still participated the game with passion.

The Sports Day not only offered us a great opportunity to exercise but also help us to release the stress at work. People who take part in the competitive sporting activities also have the chance to win the big prizes and medals.

What we played on that day Including race, relay race, arm wrestling, tug of war, dodge ball, and fun competitions. The players were cheered by the encouragement from their team members. After put in a great deal of effort, SuperGeo team is awarded the prizes of arm wrestling, dodge ball, and race.

Even though the SuperGeo team did not win the top prize of the games, everyone still had a lot of fun in that day. In order to turn defeat into success, we will do much more preparation for taking the top prize next year!


GIS Introductory Courses for Kuwait Ministry of Public Works

Invited by the development of the local information technology industry (III), SuperGeo team offered the GIS training lectures to Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and Kuwait Ministry of Public Works (MPW) from Feb 6 to 15 in Taipei. It was such a wonderful and memorable experience to us!

For providing a general introduction of GIS knowledge and different task oriented GIS software, SuperGeo teams prepared and gave weekly lectures including SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, SuperGIS Desktop Extensions, demonstration of GIS Desktop, SuperGIS Server, and Mobile applications to the participations. It was a rare opportunity for SuperGeo to deliver its GIS software and customized application services to the market in Kuwait.

After attending the weekly courses, the clients had a deeper understanding on how Supergeo grow their businesses by applying GIS technology to various applications like Pipeline Management, Real-time traffic information system, GIS Management Platform for Enterprise Management, and Electronic Map Platform.

This event brings a great opportunity to us to introduce our product lines and share our success with them. With years of experiences in developing GIS software industry, we believe that we are the best GIS alternative in the Middle East region.


SuperGeo attended India Geospatial Forum 2012 in Gurgaon

After coming back from the very successful show in India, we can’t wait to share the fruitful outcome with you!

As the geospatial technology has become crucial and had enormous market potential in developing nations, India Geospatial Forum brings the opportunity of exhibiting the advanced technologies and innovative geospatial solutions and services. This year, SuperGeo co-exhibited with our reseller in India- RSI SOFTECH at Geospatial Forum to showcase our latest GIS innovations.

During this event, we met many potential customers who we can convey our uniqueness to develop more business opportunities. The local Indian GIS users have been aware of SuperGIS for years, but this is our first time to cooperate with such a strong local distributor team. After putting great efforts, this exhibition with RSI Softech resulted in huge success.

Having several offices all over the country, RSI SOFTECH has wide distribution operations in India providing the services for the government sectors, the army, private firms, and also several research institutes. Combining the strength of distribution service from our Indian partner, the powerful product functionality and the reasonable pricing, SuperGIS software is the best alternative to customers who are looking for better GIS services and solutions.

SuperGeo and RSI SOFTECH have also discussed the possibility to build a technical branch in India, to offer more customizable GIS solutions and long-term supports. In the future, SuperGeo and RSI SOFTECH will continually make every endeavour to fulfill business demands in local markets.


SuperSurv 3, Mobile Survey System, Released Globally

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, the demand of seeking appropriate mobile GIS application in field survey has risen. After months of testing and endeavors, we are very excited to share the joy of new product release with you.

SuperSurv 3 released by SuperGeo Team is the latest mobile GIS App which supports bilingual user interface, traditional Chinese and English, and global coordinate system and can be operated on Android mobile device.

SuperSurv 3 focuses on the convenience of data collection in field survey and supports to display base map in SGT format and Web map services. Users can import vector layer for references to collect spatial data more effectively.

With GPS, camera, and custom tables, users are able to record the attributes of point, line, polygon features and photo information more completely; the collected data can be applied in other GIS software.

For more information about SuperSurv 3, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SuperSurv.aspx


Examination System of Non-Urban Land Development

Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) is the central government authority responsible for national spatial resource planning, utilization, and management. The objectives of CPA are to balance regional development, promote urban regeneration and townscape reform, and to centralize construction management.

When the population increases and land availability becomes insufficient, a land development plan is requisite for planning and construction of a district, especially in urban areas. Therefore, examining and developing non-urban land development applications are important tasks for CPA to plan land utilization and development.

Applying for the permission to legally develop non-urban lands is necessary for the public and the enterprises if they attempt to change the land-use. With the increasing quantities of land-use change applications, CPA start to seek a GIS solution which can facilitate better data management and work efficiency.

To satisfy these requirements of users, the integrated Web Examination platform is built to query and manipulate the massive map data and images, and then publish the resource over the Internet. Consequently, the authorities on examination and the general public can easily browse and download the data of the cases and search the required land information online.

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