SuperGIS 67-97 Coordinate Transformation System Analyst 3.0a Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the new version of SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a is released to satisfy the demand of coordinate transformation in Taiwan. The Coordinate Transformation System Analysis extension will requires SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 for manipulation.

Specializing in converting the coordinate systems of spatial data of Taiwan and Penghu Islands, SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a offers conversions such as 7 parameters transformation, coordinate transformation of Taiwan Third-Order Satellite Control Points, and coordinate system customization.

SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a also contains four commonly-used coordinate systems, including TWD67, TWD97, WSG84 and Hu-Tzu-Shan datum. It can be used to convert coordinates from one coordinate system to another, overlap the layers in different coordinate systems, and operate advanced analysis applications.

We can customize Coordinate Transformation System Analyst for worldwide users.

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The Latest Mobile GIS Software, SuperPad 3.1 is released

Few days ago, we launched the new version of SuperPad 3.1. This comprehensive mobile GIS software delivers not only an improved user interface with 13 languages but also the new features, like SBAS extension, sample codes for custom extensions, and the integration with SuperGIS server to allows for effective data synchronization.

Specially designed for mobile GIS, field survey, and outdoor mapping, SuperPad 3.1 can be deployed on a variety of mobile devices, assisting you in accurately collecting, editing, measuring, and querying spatial data and facilitating the data usability.

Featuring the brand new user interface, SuperPad 3.1 can simplify the manipulation with a user-friendly operation environment and support multi-lingual interface, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

To meet the diverse resolution of your mobile devices, the smart-editing toolbar offered by SuperPad 3.1 is adjustable to edit features faster during field investigation. Moreover, the SBAS extension is added to ensure the accuracy of GPS data collection.

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Mobile GIS Application for Aborigine Tourism Guide System

In Taiwan, the ministry of tourism strives to seek for innovative ways to promote the tourism in the country. Recently, the SuperGeo team cooperated with the Department of Tourism of Providence University to develop a mobile GIS application, the Seediq Tribe Tourism Guide System, help foster the cultural and historical understanding of the Seediq.

The Seediq is one of the Taiwanese aboriginal races. The movie, “Seediq Bale” describes how the Seediq suffered from long-term military crackdown and fought against the external forces during the Japanese rule of Taiwan, which has successfully awakened the audiences’ interests in this aboriginal race.

Taking the advantage of easy portability and information accessibility, smart phones and mobile devices become a useful tool for promoting tourism businesses and industries. The project developed with GIS technologies intends to integrate and distribute plentiful cultural information of the Seediq.

Using SuperGIS Mobile Tour, the mobile app, Seediq Tribe Tourism Guide System, includes 4 stages, Pre-procedure, System Building, System Modification, and System Accomplishment. From preparing layers, creating the routes, to deploying the application with rich tribal data, the system can be utilized easily on smartphones.

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New Multi-Language Interface is Supported in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1

As the SuperGIS software has widely adopted by the organizations in the European and Middle East markets. Our SuperGeo team develops the multi-language support in Arabic and Italian to meet the growing GIS demands in the above regions.

SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, the latest desktop GIS software, now offers multi-language interface including, English, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and newly-added Arabic and Italian user interface. With SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, you will no longer be bothered with translation problems.

Serving to perform, edit, manage, query, and analyze diverse spatial data, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 delivers improved performance of spatial data processing, abundant GIS tools, and VBA customization, making it ideal for performing complex GIS procedures and operation.

The desktop GIS software is available in Standard and Professional editions. Covering all the functionality of Standard edition, the Professional edition further supports Topology Analyst, advanced geodatabase management, and VBA customization to optimize GIS capabilities in fulfilling your missions.

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The free trial is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6.aspx