Introduce SuperGeo Partner in Argentina- Information Technology & Services S. A.

We are excited to introduce our new reseller in South America, where Information Technology & Services S. A. (ITSSA) is going to distribute SuperGIS software in Argentina.

ITSSA has been searching for advanced geoinformation technologies to enhance its current solutions for the customers. After evaluating SuperGIS series software, ITSSA not only purchased the products, but also applied to be the reseller in the local territory.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ITSSA has had the experience of more than 20 years in public service and implementation services related to systems, information, engineering, and administration. Its clientele including local companies and government sectors ranges in Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay.

We are very happy to recruit another important partner in Latin America, and will study the better support for open source geodatabases and more user-friendly technologies. We know this is what the users in Latin America wish to have, in addition to the nice price.

Currently in South America, SuperGeo has partners in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. Our International Marketing Team is also talking with several potential companies, wishing to cover the area completely soon. Welcome to talk with us at staff@supergeotek.com.”

More info of Information Technology & Services S.A at www.itssaconsulting.com

For more information, please visit www.supergeotek.com


SuperGIS Software Global Sales Performance in Australia, Italy, Kuwait, India, Malaysia

SuperGeo team would like to share several sales achievements in our global network with you.

1. The Centre for Exploration Targeting at the University of Western Australia selected SuperPad, the full function GIS software, for teaching purpose. The sales achievement is contributed by Cody Corporation, our exclusive reseller in Australia and New Zealand.

2. Helix, a GIS company in Italy, selected SuperGIS Mobile Engine to develop a special mobile GIS application. Helix has successfully developed a nice application which is able to operate convenient data collection and tracking, to complete the tasks in the localization in civil protection and utility. Helix also deployed the application to several end-users in the civil domain.

3. Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) purchased SuperGIS products. KISR is the most important research institute to carry out applied scientific research to contribute to the economic and social development for Kuwait. The procurement is contributed by International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd., SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Kuwait.

4. India Bhoomi Foundation of Geoinformatics and Natural Resources Management selected SuperGIS Desktop. The Foundation plans to utilize SuperGIS Desktop for spatial analysis and data visualization in the interested domains, such as disaster assessment, environmental impact, urban planning, pollution management, and survey and mapping.

5. Solar Energy Research Institute at National University of Malaysia (UKM) procured SuperGIS Desktop along with several analyst extensions, such as 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and Spatial Statistical, to process and analyze solar information on the desktop platform with visualization effects.

6. The Consultancy Department at Capai Cerah Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia, purchased SuperGIS Desktop for data analysis and display. The study and analysis outcome would be applied to environmental impact assessment. The above 2 sales achievements are contributed by SuperGeo Malaysia.


SuperGIS Applied to Historical Demography & Dynamic Bus Transit System

SuperGeo Technologies develops a WebGIS system that allows users to view the population structure at a specific time in a specific area. The platform assists scholars in population comparison between different areas or different times via the Internet.

Taiwan Historical Demography GIS is a WebGIS based system for querying historical demographic data of Taiwan. This Web-GIS applies SuperWebGIS as the map server platform to publish maps and historical demographic data of Taiwan via the Internet. Client users can obtain the needed data through the Internet in a convenient way.

For more information, visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201011.aspx.

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SuperGeo Technologies develop a system for Taichung City Hall. Through the system, the public can query estimated arrival time of the bus when waiting for the bus and know how to transfer to required destinations effortlessly.

The system adopts SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server software, as the map server platform, which helps the related units publish the route data, scenic spot data, and the electronic maps of Taichung area stored in the geodatabase (Microsoft SQL Server 2000) via the Internet.

The GIS application would eventually bring convenience and save time for the citizens and tourists.

See more information at http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201011_2.aspx


Introduce New Reseller in Japan

We are pleased to introduce our new reseller in Japan, Information & Science Techno–System Co. (ISTS)

ISTS aims to provide a better solution for the local users by utilizing SuperGIS technologies. Owning over 130 staff, ISTS offers professional image processing, remote sensing service, consulting and development services of information systems, database server, network server, etc. in the whole Japanese market.

After testing SuperGIS series software, ISTS not only procured SuperGIS software, but also planned to integrate SuperGIS products with its existing platforms and applications.

SuperGeo have had several years of marketing experience in Japan and also got positive feedback from local users. Therefore, by co-working closely with ISTS, we look forward to the further success in Japan.

More info of Information & Science Techno http://www.ists.co.jp/sc/pars2.html

For more information, please visit www.supergeotek.com