SuperGIS Application to Spatial Data Management

We'd like to introduce a recent success story by using SuperGIS technology...

Kinmen National Park is the first national park in Taiwan for the preservation of historical cultural heritage and natural resources. But one thing you may not know is that featuring plentiful fauna and flora, precious historical battle sites and intact traditional tribes, Kinmen National Park has long been facing great challenge of spatial data management.

Due to the enormous geographic data of the Kinmen island and the accidental incompatibility between land data and the system for data processing, the staff of Kinmen National Park often has difficulties in spatial data management.

In order to improve the utility of the land data and to maintain public facilities in Kinmen National Park, the administration decided to set up a Geographic Information System (GIS). Accordingly, “Kinmen National Park Spatial Data Management GIS” is established.

Adopting SuperWebGIS as the map server to publish the spatial data that is edited completely over the Internet, this system is able to perform many functions like query and position, user account management, file management, data output and map data display.

With the file integration functions, “Kinmen National Park Spatial Data Management GIS” not only effectively solves the problem of different sources and file formats, but also helps the staff analyze the geographic data more easily.

SuperGeo is honored with the SuperGIS appication to the Spatial Data Management of Kinmen National Park. In the future, we hope to make more contribution to benefit the environment and the development of various industries by SuperGIS products.