GIS Assists the Workforce Development in Taiwan

Workforce development is a problem-solving approach that is often used to enhance a region's economic stability and prosperity. To help the governments in Taiwan understand more about the current situation of labor markets to enhance capital competitiveness of regional talents and receive clear information for effective decision making, Taiwan Training Center Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training has built a Workforce Development GIS Platform.

Developed with GIS technology, the system can widely collect related information of labor markets that includes both time and spatial aspects and integrate maps with database to conduct data exploration and analyses. Thus, the administrators of Taiwan Training Center Bureau are able to seize current situation, predict the future trend, and execute logical policy discussion.

Through SuperGIS Server 3, the server-based GIS software, the GIS Platform enables administrators to publish and manage current map data and to build general map websites with interactive visual effects via custom functions and Flex syntax development. Generally, the Labor Force Development GIS Platform can perform three functions, including Start Page, Map Display, and Data Export and Management.

In addition to displaying the maps and related attribute data instantly and correctly, the GIS system also offers clear indexes and an easy-to-use interface to promote the user-friendliness. Multiple and interactive statistical graphs brings analysis aspects with comeliness and convenience to the system. Users can therefore gain timely information for more applications and usability by means of GIS.

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