SuperGIS Server API Samples Available Now

System developers now can use plenty of SuperGIS API samples and object references to easily customize the map websites with SuperGIS Server 3.1.

With SuperGIS Server 3.1, you can create, manage, integrate, and publish various types of GIS services over the Internet to support desktop, mobile, and web applications. In addition, SuperGIS Server 3.1 offers JavaScript, Flex, and Silverlight APIs to customize map websites flexibly and effectively to meet demands in different cases.

In order to help developers to comprehend and apply SuperGIS Server API fleetly, we offer a variety of SuperGIS Server JavaScript APIs on SGDN website (SuperGeo Developer Network website). Every API sample provides comprehensive sample code and the live demo website, enabling developers to find the suitable sample efficiently according to the diverse topics.

SuperGIS Server Flex API and Silverlight API will be provided on SGDN website soon. A variety of SuperGIS Server API Samples are available at http://sgdn.supergeotek.com/supergis_server_api_JavaScript.aspx

SuperGeo GIS Forum: http://www.supergeotek.com/Forum/default.aspx?g=forum

For more product information about SuperGIS Server 3.1, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SGS3.aspx

The free trial is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6.aspx

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