Building Custom Website Using SuperGIS Server Flex API Samples

SuperGIS Server Flex website customization samples and references now are available on SGDN website for helping you develop and customize map websites with ease.

SuperGIS Server 3.1 increases the capability of creating, managing, integrating and publishing variety of map services for organizations, ensuring that your mapping services can be applied to desktop, mobile and web applications via the Internet.

Based on Flash technologies, SuperGIS Server Flex API allows for building diverse convenient and visual web applications effectively. With SuperGIS Server map services, SuperGIS Server Flex API can be applied to meet front-end users’ different requirements such as map display, map query, graphic drawing, etc.

The current website custom topics provide developers with complete sample codes and links connecting to the sample websites for further references. The Flex API related samples will be added on SGDN website later this week.

A variety of SuperGIS Server Flex API Samples are available at http://sgdn.supergeotek.com/supergis_server_api_Flex.aspx

For more product information about SuperGIS Server 3.1, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SGS3.aspx

The free trial is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6.aspx

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