Supergeo to Provide DGPS Post-processing Tool for Precise Field Data Collection

We are glad to announced that the DGPS post-processing tool will be introduced to assist SuperPad users in post-processing the collected field data using SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a to improve data accuracy.

SuperPad 3 is a full-function mobile GIS application field survey and mapping, allowing you to collect, edit, and measure spatial data. Working with GPS, SuperPad 3 performs waypoint guidance and creation with GPS, etc., helping you promptly identify current position and collect spatial data.

When surveyors collect spatial data with GPS, interferences form ionosphere, atmosphere, anthropogenic factors, and electrical noise may result in positioning error during process of transmitting satellite signal. 

To avoid such errors occurring frequently, SuperPad 3 will offer an extension to help users accurately collect spatial data and record satellite signals simultaneously. As a result, the data collection can be imported to SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a and rectified with the post-processing tool.

More new product features about Superpad 3, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/ProductPage_SP3.aspx

The free trial is available at http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6_mobile.aspx

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