The Desktop GIS Software- SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a Adds Spanish Interface

We are pleased to announce that the latest SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a now supports Spanish user interface, allowing Spanish speaking users to efficiently accomplish GIS tasks with ease.

Delivering abundant GIS tools, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a, the latest desktop GIS software, allows users from different domains to develop a professional GIS platform for geoprocessing, as well as easily analyzing, displaying, editing, managing, and querying spatial data.

SuperGIS Toolkit in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a performs hundreds of GIS analysis functions and enables users to design the analysis and processes with Process Designer.

With Process Designer, users can define geoprocessing functions and workflows to process massive amount of geospatial data directly. In addition, the defined process can also be published as geoprocessing service with SuperGIS Server 3.1a.

Learn more about SupeGIS Desktop 3.1a by visiting http://www.supergeotek.com/productpage_SG3.aspx?Type=Key%20Features

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