SuperGeo enters Europe officially

SuperGeo is thrilled to introduce an important partner in Europe, where CERENE Services, a major provider of GIS services in France for over 45 years, will promote SuperGeo products exclusively in France.

We have been approached by many excellent companies with deep GIS experience all over the world recently and are talking with some of the most potential ones. We will be announcing more related news soon.

Are you looking for powerful and competitive GIS software which is more profitable for you with much better service from the software provider? Then welcome to contact with us for more details- but please do it soon because we are signing more and more exclusive partners to form our firm global reseller network. Contact us now (staff@supergeotek.com) and see if your interested territory is booked!

More information of CERENE Services is available at http://www.cerene-services.fr/spip/index.php

More SuperGeo resellers to be found at http://www.supergeotek.com/About_us_supergeo_worldwide.aspx

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