SuperPad 3 supports more languages!

In order to serve more international users, SuperGeo Mobile Team is working on multiple languages for SuperPad 3, our whole new full-function mobile GIS software.

Besides the existing Traditional Chinese and English interfaces, SuperPad 3 now also supports German, Spanish, and Japanese. We are also working on French and Simplified Chinese and will add the new languages into SuperPad 3 soon.

Now, you can go to http://www.supergeotek.com/download_6.aspx to download the latest SuperPad 3, and experience the latest supported languages.

Steps: After downloading SuperPad 3 and verifying the license number successfully, start the software, go to System Settings, Languages, and you can try the required languag. (Oh! remember to re-open SuperPad 3 once you change the language, so you can see the correct language setting.)

As we are increasing more and more users worldwide, we also plan to add more languages for more software products. We hope this can benefit our global clientele and partners, because user satisfaction is always our priority…

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