SuperGIS Software Assists Government in Construction and Management

The use of GIS technologies is diversified. In this article, we introduce how government sectors and universities apply SuperGIS software to various tasks.

1. Chiayi City Government purchased SuperPad to survey and measure construction sites. SuperPad can collect infrastructure data of the building new sites, to better plan the nearby environment and condition for advanced evaluation.

2. Miaoli County Department of Aborigine Administration selected SuperPad to survey the aboriginal data in Miaoli County. SuperPad can collect and display the unique data of the diverse tribes on maps.

3. SuperPad and SuperGIS Desktop are selected by Yangmingshan National Park for facility management. GIS technologies are utilized for managing facility and reporting disorders in the huge national park.

4. Minghsin University of Science and Technology purchased SuperGIS Spatial Analyst to identify the best scenic spot after analyzing terrain and spatial data. Spatial Analyst is able to do several spatial data analysis functions, such as distance, density, viewshed, slope analysis, etc. to plan the best locations.

5. The Department of Urban Planning and Disaster Management at Ming Chuan University chose SuperPad for collecting information to plan evacuation routes and road conditions when disasters happen.

6. National Ilan University procured SuperWebGIS to maintain and update the newest tourism information. SuperWebGIS is able to integrate data from different tourism and transportation sectors to provide complete and update information for the web visitors.

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