SuperPad 3 Supports Turkish Now!

SuperPad 3 Türk Dili Destekler- SuperPad 3 Supports Turkish Now!

SuperGeo RD team is pleased to announce that SuperPad 3, the fully functional mobile GIS software, now supports Turkish.

As we are having more and more users from international markets, multilingual support in SuperGIS series products is getting important.

In order to provide numerous non-English speakers with a better and easy-to-use manipulation environment, SuperGeo Technologies has developed the multi-lingual support in SuperPad since 2009.

SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software, is designed for professional field surveyors. Integrating complete mapping, GIS, and GPS techniques into a handheld device, SuperPad allows the field surveyors to quickly and effectively collect, edit and measure the spatial data in the field.

In addition to Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese, SuperGeo RD team announced that SuperPad supports Turkish as well. The field workers in Middle East area or Turkish speakers in other areas could finish their work more easily and conveniently.

To experience the multi-lingual in SuperPad 3, download the free trial at www.supergeotek.com now.

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