Digital Map Management System Supported by SuperGIS Software

We are so glad to announce that our GIS products now support SMAP Technologies, an electronic map supplier, in its digital map application of various fields.

In the past, when digitalizing the maps, the cartographers needed to copy the needed data to the computer. Then, the cartographers opened the data to digitize according to their work progress and saved the digitized results to a specified place through some transfer tools. This traditional workflow of SMAP takes the corporation precious time and lots of money to manage and transfer the data. Moreover, it decreases the efficiency of making maps.

To solve these problems, SMAP adopts SuperGIS Server as the central platform of data storage, management, and distribution. SuperGIS Server provides many GIS tools and a suitable environment where cartographers can display, edit and manage data and related information, effectively integrate and publish the data through the Internet.

In this way, the company not only enables cartographers to connect to the server through the web, downloading the data via local machines and uploading digital maps to the server, but also manage and control the map data easily. Meanwhile, SMAP can considerably simplify the data management and cut down the costs.

With the application of SuperGIS Server, SMAP Technologies largely improve the accessibility and management of digital maps and is proceeding to be one of the map supplier leaders in Southeast Asia and even the whole Asia.

For more information, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201101.aspx

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