SuperGeo Provide SuperGIS Training for KISR, Kuwait

SuperGeo and our distributor in Kuwait, International Integrated Environmental Services Ltd. (IIES), co-planned a professional SuperGIS training course and SuperGeo presentation in KISR, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

KISR, the highest research institute in Kuwait, is to carry out applied scientific research related to industries, natural resources, etc. to the economic and social development for Kuwait.

Considering the successful sales performance and the high potential in Kuwait market, we arranged the Director of Support and Training Center at SuperGeo for this schedule. The training took place in the Geo-Informatics Center at KISR, which is in charge of the expenditure planning and application development of GIS technologies for the whole country.

IIES also organized a presentation about SuperGeo. Not only the GIS experts at the Center, but also the representatives from other departments at KISR, related government sectors, such as EPA, MPW, as well as Kuwait University, also joined in the presentation and meeting. SuperGIS software and applications have received very positive feedback from the audience.

For more information, please go to www.supergeotek.com.

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