Introduce SuperGeo New Reseller in Poland

We couldn't be more excited to announce that we have further expanded our business partnership in Poland, where our new reseller, geoMpix Piotr Piech, will distribute SuperGIS series software.

Sited in Rzeszów, the capital of podkarpackie, Poland, geoMpix Piotr Piech offers local users Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions, cartography services, as well as satellite navigation and GNSS solutions.

What is more, this corporation has been awarded the funds sponsored by the European Union, thus being predicted to have much potential of development in local areas.

GeoMpix Piotr Piech has strived to look for ideal GIS software, hardware and map data in order to provide local users with comprehensive solutions and service. Therefore, with the recognition of full-functioned and highly-efficient SuperGIS series software, this company hopes to become a reseller of SuperGeo products in Poland. Meanwhile, GeoMpix Piotr Piech will spare no efforts in promoting SuperGIS series software.

In European and American markets where GIS is a mature and popular technology, SuperGeo Technologies has attracted interests from many users and related companies. Besides, having developed cooperation with nations such as France and Italy and achieving considerable sales in 2010, we are working on broader collaboration with more firms now.

Regarding the prospect of 2011, SuperGeo expects to establish more distributing bases throughout targeted EMEA regions and seeks to introduce and reasonably- priced SuperGIS software to a wider range of clients all over the world.

More information of geoMpix Piotr Piech, please go to http://www.geompix.pl

For more info of SuperGeo, please visit www.supergeotek.com or contact staff@supergeotek.com.

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