SuperGeo 2011 Year End Dinner Party

January 28, 2011, SuperGeo Technologies and the spin off companies, including, TMS, SMAP, ESI, SuperGeo Malaysia, enjoyed the best year end dinner party ever!

SuperGeo Year End Party is the treat from Mr. Super Wang, the President of SuperGeo Technologies, to thank all the employees for the hard work in the past year. We have more than 100 SuperGeo employees plus numerous families in the gathering.

This year, we had a special theme to dress up as movie characters.

You can see we had Spider-Man, Shrek, Super Woman, the Joker in The Dark Knight, and many many more… which one is the best in your mind?

In addition to the election of the best outfit, we also organized singing shows! SuperGeo Got Talent or SuperGeo Idol brought the most touching songs for everyone.

Finally, we had the Lucky Draw! All the nice presents and cash gifts pushed the party to the peak! Luckily, myself won a camera!

We had such a wonderful time before the end of Chinese New Year (the Year of the Tiger). In the coming year, we will devote ourselves even more to keep bringing the best products and services to you!

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