SuperWebGIS Utilized to Build Taipei Bus Information and Transit System

Taipei Bus Information and Transit System, constructed by Public Transportation Office, Taipei Government, has become an efficient tool for passengers to easily access the real-time bus information in recent year.

Applying Vehicle Positioning System, wireless communication devices, GIS, database and the web technology, the Taipei Bus Information and Transit System enable the public to gain the accurate information of bus movement and plan the best route.

This system adopts SuperWebGIS as the map server to publish maps and information about the movement of vehicles, Windows Server 2003 and Linux as the platform, and Microsoft Server SQL 2005 and Oracle as the media for saving the digital data.

Bus information like coordinates, speeds, directions and time, is collected from the devices on buses, analyzed by the backend software and is transited to the front end for users to query.

The functions of Taipei Bus Information and Transit System contain GIS Bus Route, GIS Trip Planner, Quick Search, Related Info and My Bus, which allows passengers to store frequently-used bus routes and set warning of arrival that greatly saves time in waiting a bus.

What’s more, bus operators can better manage and raise the operational efficiency of their fleet and dispatch mechanism, and subsequently improves the service quality through the system.

For complete story of SuperWebGIS application to Taipei Bus Information and Transit System, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201007_4.aspx

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