GIS Application: Importance of Pollution Control

Have you ever been to Taiwan? Located in the north-east Taiwan, Yilan is a famous hot spot where visitors can enjoy its natural beauty, rich culture, and heritage.

To protect and preserve the valuable natural environment, recently we’ve cooperated with the Department of Environmental Protection Yilan and supported the project of improving the pollution control and management.

We’ve established a platform named Yilan Pollution Control GIS with SuperGIS Server allowing organizations to distribute GIS data and web services easily via the Internet.

The project is mainly to collect GIS data collection, develop prototype system, and ensure a smooth operation to meet the governor’s expectation.

The Environmental Pollution Control GIS platform currently focuses on integrating all kinds of pollution modeling analyses such as marine and air pollutions which enable decision-makers to combine the data with existing pollution layer for further application use.

Please visit at http://www.supergeotek.com/Library_2_201112.aspx for more information about Environmental Pollution Control GIS

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