SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0 Releases Globally

In order to extend the functionality of SuperGIS Desktop3.1, we are glad to inform you that SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0 is released early this week. The specialized spatial analysis tool contains a variety of spatial modeling and analysis algorithms, allowing a user-friendly interface to effectively accomplish complicated spatial analysis tasks.

By using SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0, you can freely integrate vector and raster data, analyze the spatial relationship, carry out best location search, query data across multiple layers, and produce statistics for raster data, etc.

Compare with the previous version, the Spatial Analyst 3.0 supports Hydrologic analysis which can be widely used in many applications such as regional planning, agriculture, forestry, etc.

For more information about SuperGIS Spatial Analyst 3.0, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/products_desktop_SA.aspx

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