Helix S.R.L. Presented SuperWebGIS in the GOES Project at the OPEN DAYS

It’s glad to let you know that our Italian exclusive reseller, Helix S.r.l., promoted SuperGIS products in the GOES project at the OPEN DAYS. The project established by Helix S.r.l. is to create local networks that can gather daily all information about road conditions related to any criticisms and suggestions on alternative routes.

We all know that the information of road conditions shared by the public is also the important source to avoid any further accidental injury. Helix S.r.l. applied SuperWebGIS, the Internet map server software, to help organizations in collecting and distributing information about natural disasters, and then delivering dynamic maps and GIS data over the web.

For the organizations, users can easily share geodata with the related staff to accomplish the tasks. For example, the grid survey reports are designed to run specific web applications such as showing on-time news about Road accident, Fallen trees, and Landslide, etc.

For more information about GOES project, please visit: http://goesproject.eu/

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