Mobile GIS Application for Aborigine Tourism Guide System

In Taiwan, the ministry of tourism strives to seek for innovative ways to promote the tourism in the country. Recently, the SuperGeo team cooperated with the Department of Tourism of Providence University to develop a mobile GIS application, the Seediq Tribe Tourism Guide System, help foster the cultural and historical understanding of the Seediq.

The Seediq is one of the Taiwanese aboriginal races. The movie, “Seediq Bale” describes how the Seediq suffered from long-term military crackdown and fought against the external forces during the Japanese rule of Taiwan, which has successfully awakened the audiences’ interests in this aboriginal race.

Taking the advantage of easy portability and information accessibility, smart phones and mobile devices become a useful tool for promoting tourism businesses and industries. The project developed with GIS technologies intends to integrate and distribute plentiful cultural information of the Seediq.

Using SuperGIS Mobile Tour, the mobile app, Seediq Tribe Tourism Guide System, includes 4 stages, Pre-procedure, System Building, System Modification, and System Accomplishment. From preparing layers, creating the routes, to deploying the application with rich tribal data, the system can be utilized easily on smartphones.

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