SuperGIS 67-97 Coordinate Transformation System Analyst 3.0a Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the new version of SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a is released to satisfy the demand of coordinate transformation in Taiwan. The Coordinate Transformation System Analysis extension will requires SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 for manipulation.

Specializing in converting the coordinate systems of spatial data of Taiwan and Penghu Islands, SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a offers conversions such as 7 parameters transformation, coordinate transformation of Taiwan Third-Order Satellite Control Points, and coordinate system customization.

SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a also contains four commonly-used coordinate systems, including TWD67, TWD97, WSG84 and Hu-Tzu-Shan datum. It can be used to convert coordinates from one coordinate system to another, overlap the layers in different coordinate systems, and operate advanced analysis applications.

We can customize Coordinate Transformation System Analyst for worldwide users.

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