GIS System for Cycling Team Management

When global warming is affecting the natural environment of the world, cycling becomes an important and popular activity all over the globe and many cities have designed bike lanes to save on gas consumption. Take Taiwan as an example. The use of bicycle on campus is greatly encouraged as the best way of daily transportation for students.

In order to promote safe bike riding and prevent car accidents, Taipei Chengshih University of Science & Technology (TPCU) integrates the visualized map website with mobile App on smart phones to show the current position and road conditions instantly for cyclists. The mobile App for Android users can record and report back riders’ current point and consequently transmit their moving traces to the server.

The Cycling Team Management System consists of website platform for displaying information of cycling team and the cycling team APP that is served as the vital tools for better reaction to the contingency on roads. The system has the front-end website to display the map and the back-end platform to manage personal information of each rider such as name, telephone number, etc.

Adopting SuperGIS Server 3 as map server, the website platform allows the cycling team administrators to publish and manage the existing map information, integrate riders’ current positions with map website to monitor each rider’s condition. Thus, the administrators can instantly provide the riders with emergency aid when an accident happens.

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