SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst 3.0 to Be Launched

The newest SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst 3.0, an extension working with SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, will be launched in Q4 this year. with the mission of integrating geographic statistical analysis methods, the software enables users to investigate, query, and display spatial data and attribute data and manipulate basic statistical functions in GIS.

Furthermore, SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst 3.0 adopts geographic statistical analysis methods to analyze spatial data, helping users realize variation and dependence of spatial data and make better decisions for their organizations

Featuring the improved user interface, Thiessen Polygon and variogram analysis tools, SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst 3.0 performs semivariogram analysis, covariance analysis, Krigings, Universal Kriging, Ordinary Kriging, Co-Kriging, and Indicator Kriging.

For more information of the analysis extension, please visit http://www.supergeotek.com/products_desktop_SSA.aspx, or contact us by email: staff@supergeotek.com.

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