Supergeo Presents Moalajah with SuperGIS Application Excellence Award 2012

Supergeo presents Moalajah with SuperGIS Application Excellence Award of Year 2012. As SuperGIS software has been spread around the world, it is a great opportunity for us to recognize the clients’ efforts to GIS implementations developed with SuperGIS software.

Working under Ajman Sewerage Private Limited Company, Moalajah focuses on offering water treatment equipment and services. In this Project, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 helps the company visualize, produce, and analyze spatial data about the properties and assets in the Ajman Emirate to improve its business decisions.

With the aim of reducing environmental and resource impacts and leveraging the value of water and wastewater resources, Moalajah also utilized SuperGIS Server 3.1 for publishing and sharing geodata services to improve productivity across the organization.

We will attend Middle East Geospatial Forum 2013 in March, Qatar to showcase the GIS innovations and facilitate closer communication with the local GIS users. During the event, Super Wang, the CEO & Chairman of Supergeo will recognize the client personally who demonstrated its practical and creative solution by representing SuperGIS Application Excellence Award of 2012.

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