Supergeo Field Day 2013

Supergeo held the annual Field Day with the affiliated companies to raise the cohesion and the spirit of teamwork. With the aim of winning trophies, medals, or prizes, every employee fully participated in the games.  

Also, the Field Day provided a great opportunity for easing pressure of the jobs and promoting better health. This year the athletic campaign included race, relay race, marathon, arm wrestling, tug of war, badminton, pool game, basketball, etc.

All the players were cheered by the encouragement from their team. They put in a great of efforts. After waging a seesaw battle, the Supergeo team wins the competition of arm wrestling, badminton, tug of war, and race.

Although the Supergeo team did not win the top prize of the games, we still enjoyed participating the event. Hopefully we can take the trophy back next year through a lot of practice and preparation! 

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