Laser Rangefinder Extension

In December 2009, SuperGeo released SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3, the full-function mobile GIS software and lightweight mobile GIS software respectively. The 2 new products along with SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3, mobile GIS SDK, thus form the ‘complete mobile GIS solutions’ and present more flexible and cost-competitive products to you.

The functions of the 3rd generation products are, no doubt, enhanced greatly. We would like to introduce one of the latest extensions, Laser Rangefinder Extension, to you.

Laser Rangefinder Extension enables users to transfer information measured and acquired by a laser rangefinder to mobile device through COM Port (physical wire or wireless Bluetooth), calculated with GPS then label the result on the map in the form of point to achieve the establishment, storage, management and display of prompt spatial information.

Laser Rangefinder Extension can be used in both SuperPad 3 and SuperField 3. Welcome to experience it now from SGDN http://sgdn.supergeotek.com/index.aspx and any feedback is appreciated!

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