More SuperGeo Websites...

In order to provide the best service for the users, SuperGeo has built several websites with different purposes.

1. SuperGeoTek, http://www.supergeotek.com/, our global website contains the latest product information and online shopping function. We upload the trial software and documents regularly to ensure that you can always update with us.

2. SuperGeo Taiwan Web, http://www.supergeo.com.tw/, our website in Chinese introduces useful information and news to our local clients. It's also convenient and useful for the huge Chinese-speaking people all over the world.

3. SGDN (SuperGeo Developer Network), http://sgdn.supergeotek.com/index.aspx, provides rich info for programmers and developers. We share lots of useful sample codes to help your application development of SuperGeo products effectively.

4. SGRN (SuperGeo Reseller Network), http://sgrn.supergeotek.com/index.aspx, designed for our partners to read the latest news and run the business easier and faster. Welcome to join us and you will know how good we support our partners.

5. GIS Forum, http://www.gisforum.com.tw/, is a platform for all the users to discuss and share ideas with each other. We reply to all the questions promptly too. Currently it's Chinese only but we are going to include more information in the future.

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