Why SuperGeo is SUPER?

From time to time, people were asking us why we are “SuperGeo”? So today I am going to reveal the origin of our company name….

Well the answer is pretty easy… but meaningful too! The company was funded and established in 2001 by “Super Wang”, the current CEO at SuperGeo. Yes! That’s just the reason of our special name.

In fact, the name of our CEO, Neng-Chao Wang, means greatly in Chinese. Neng (能) means capability, Chao (超) means to exceed or super-, and Wang (王) means king.

Graduated from Geography Department at the top university in Taiwan, National Taiwan University (NTU), Wang built the very first GIS consultant company in Taiwan. He is also the first man in Taiwan (where IT technology is highly developed) to observe the opportunity and be capable of developing and selling GIS software overseas. It is Wang’s wish to provide cost-effective alternative GIS software with mature techniques.

Now you know why we are SuperGeo and may you find us superb!

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