Introduce our exclusive resellers in the whole Indian market

SuperGeo recently signs the exclusive reseller contract with Luminous Engineering & Technology Services Pvt. Ltd (Luminous ETS). From now, you could find SuperGeo representatives in the huge market in the whole India.

Luminous ETS (http://www.luminousets.com/) is a professional consultancy company specializing in engineering and geomatics solutions. Its service range not only covers India, but also the States and Europe. We are thrilled to co-work with Luminous ETS to provide the most comprehensive services for more SuperGIS users.

In addition to Luminous ETS, our another important partner, SpaceInfo, continues to represent SuperGeo in the State of Karnataka and provide fine services for you. Look at http://www.supergeotek.com/About_us_supergeo_worldwide.aspx and find our partners close to you.

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