Windows 7 Support by SuperGIS Desktop 3

Last week, we introduced the brief of SuperGIS Desktop 3 for you. Now you may ask us one question: Does SuperGIS Desktop 3 support Windows 7, the latest operating system developed by Microsoft? The answer is "Yes!"

SuperGIS Desktop 3 completely supports Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. Windows 7 supports 64-bit and multi-core processor and significantly improves the use of memory, so the performance of the operating system is greatly enhanced.

With the support of Windows 7, the powerful GIS capabilities of SuperGIS Desktop 3, like map editing and management, geoprocessing, etc., can be used much more adequately.

Consequently, you can effectively deal with a large quantity of complicated spatial data in a high-efficiency and high-quality operating environment. Of course, your work efficiency would be significantly improved.

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