Can’t wait? SuperGIS Desktop 3 Now Available!

We are excited to announce that SuperGIS Desktop 3 is released globally!

With comprehensive GIS capabilities and fully supports for Windows 7, SuperGIS Desktop 3 provides you a more effective and professional GIS platform for editing, mapping, analyzing, and geoprocessing. Your working efficiency is expected to be improved by 20%.

Also, SuperGIS Desktop 3 has more and abundant GIS tools so that you are able to deal with more complicated data effectively. Meanwhile, the generated results will be able to satisfy the diverse and higher requests.

In addition, SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports to read and write spatial data in several commonly used geodatabases, like Personal Geodatabase, SQL Server, and Oracle Spatial. On the other hand, the support for OGC standards improves the quality and efficiency of reading the web map services to provide you with an environment to display web maps.

Visit www.sueprgeotek.com and learn what’s new in SuperGIS Desktop 3. Welcome to download the trail of SuperGIS Desktop 3 for free!

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