SuperGeo Global Sales Performance Announcement- July 09, 2010

SuperGeo is pleased to share some of our sales performance with you, especially in educational and research institutes. For example,

1. The Department of Industrial Management at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology selected SuperGIS Desktop and Network Analyst to assist the logistics analysis by the provided network computing functions.

2. The Department of Sports, Health, and Leisure at Chihlee Institute of Technology purchased SuperGIS Mobile Tour and SuperPad to establish a tour guide system.

3. Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Council of Agriculture, selected SuperGIS Desktop and SuperGIS Spatial Analyst for spatial analysis to benefit agricultural development and innovation.

4. The Library at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology procured GIS Learning CD, aiming to demonstrate general geospatial knowledge for the students.

5. Keio University, Japan, purchased SuperGIS Desktop and SuperPad for the Department of Humanities and Social Science, Faculty of Letters, aiming to benefit Ethnology and Archaeology studies.

6. National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India, procured SuperGIS Desktop for the Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics. On the other hand, FJM College, India, also selected SuperGIS Desktop for the Department of Geography.

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