CEO of SuperGeo Technologies Interviewed by Vector 1 Media

Mr. Super Wang, CEO of SuperGeo Technologies, was again interviewed by famous GIS media. This time, Mr. Super Wang accepted the interview from Vector 1 Magazine, a professional geospatial website that has numerous visitors and high circulation, especially in America and Europe.

During the interview, Mr. Super Wang has talked about SuperGeo’s development from Taiwan, Asia, to the whole world. He also shared the professional opinions on the challenges, user expectation, and the related applications to future technologies in geospatial domain.

The whole interview, Building Asian GIS to Serve the World, can be found at http://www.vector1media.com/dialogue/interviews/14294-interview-

If you like to see another interview, from GIM International, please go to http://www.gim-international.com/issues/articles/id1425-Emerging_GIS_Software_Provider.html.

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