Big News for SuperPad Language Support

Do you know what the purpose of code page is? Language support for vector layer is determined by the code page associated with the vector layer.

In different regions or countries, character code is defined by different code pages. Now, SuperPad 3, the full-function mobile GIS software developed by SuperGeo, supports to read the code page of vector layers to read the character code of different languages.

With the support of code page, SuperPad 3 can completely display the text labels of the vector layers, no matter what language is used in the map layers. SuperPad can show the attribute data correctly according to the settings of the code page when users query the data.

Therefore, even users from various countries and regions use dissimilar languages, the different character code requirements can be satisfied when using SuperPad 3 to collect, survey, or edit data in the field.

Furthermore, SuperPad 3 contains hundreds of settings of the code page, enabling you to set the code page when you are adding a new layer. User convenience is improved significantly for worldwide surveyors and mobile GIS users.

Wanna try the new functionality in SuperPad 3, please download the trial from www.supergeotek.com.

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