Introduce New Reseller in Japan

We are pleased to introduce our new reseller in Japan, Information & Science Techno–System Co. (ISTS)

ISTS aims to provide a better solution for the local users by utilizing SuperGIS technologies. Owning over 130 staff, ISTS offers professional image processing, remote sensing service, consulting and development services of information systems, database server, network server, etc. in the whole Japanese market.

After testing SuperGIS series software, ISTS not only procured SuperGIS software, but also planned to integrate SuperGIS products with its existing platforms and applications.

SuperGeo have had several years of marketing experience in Japan and also got positive feedback from local users. Therefore, by co-working closely with ISTS, we look forward to the further success in Japan.

More info of Information & Science Techno http://www.ists.co.jp/sc/pars2.html

For more information, please visit www.supergeotek.com

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