Introduce SuperGeo Partner in Argentina- Information Technology & Services S. A.

We are excited to introduce our new reseller in South America, where Information Technology & Services S. A. (ITSSA) is going to distribute SuperGIS software in Argentina.

ITSSA has been searching for advanced geoinformation technologies to enhance its current solutions for the customers. After evaluating SuperGIS series software, ITSSA not only purchased the products, but also applied to be the reseller in the local territory.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ITSSA has had the experience of more than 20 years in public service and implementation services related to systems, information, engineering, and administration. Its clientele including local companies and government sectors ranges in Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay.

We are very happy to recruit another important partner in Latin America, and will study the better support for open source geodatabases and more user-friendly technologies. We know this is what the users in Latin America wish to have, in addition to the nice price.

Currently in South America, SuperGeo has partners in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. Our International Marketing Team is also talking with several potential companies, wishing to cover the area completely soon. Welcome to talk with us at staff@supergeotek.com.”

More info of Information Technology & Services S.A at www.itssaconsulting.com

For more information, please visit www.supergeotek.com