SuperGeo Spin off EMCT for Environmental Consulting Services

SuperGeo team officially announces a new spinoff company, Environmental Management Consultant Technologies Inc. (EMCT), to provide specialized environmental consulting services using GIS technologies.

EMCT used to offer consulting services in the domain of environment, public health and agriculture, etc.. Its clients mostly come from government sectors and private firms, such as the Department of Health and Environmental Protection Bureau.

In view of the sharp sales growth in recent years, SuperGeo decided to spin off EMCT to provide professional GIS services in certain fields. Meanwhile, Davis Xu, who possesses over 15 years experience in GIS (geographic information system) expertise and solid connection with the government and related firms, is appointed as the CEO and President of EMCT.

With its three subsidiaries (TMS Technologies Co., SMAP Technologies and EMCT), SuperGeo Technologies now is the largest geospatial solution group offering comprehensive GIS solution along with project services in Taiwan.

In the future, we will persist in developing advanced GIS products as well as delivering excellent services to users worldwide through our global reseller network.

For more information, visit www.supergeotek.com

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